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Скрипт для AMX Mod X, выбрасывающий с сервера юзеров без античита при условии, что на сервере играет больше заданного количества пользователей
#include <amxmodx>
#define PLUGIN_NAME "NO-sXe-I Kicker"
#define PLUGIN_VERSION "0.1"
#define PLUGIN_AUTHOR "Kolia"
// kick reasons
new const g_kick_reason[] = "ycTaHoBu AHTu4uT"
// chat reasons
new const g_kick_chat[] = "[AMXX] %s KuKHyT noToMy 4To 6e3 aHTu4uTa"
#define MAX_PLAYERS 32
new g_maxplayers
public plugin_init() {
set_task(15.0, "watchShit", 123125, "", 0, "b")
g_maxplayers = get_maxplayers()
public watchShit() {
if (get_playersnum(1) <= 10)
static players[32], num, i, uname[64]
new candidate
get_players(players, num)
for (new x=0; x < num; x++) {
i = players[x]
get_user_name(i, uname, 63)
if ( ! (strfind(uname, "[NO-sXe-I]") == -1) ) {
candidate = i
// chat_msg(candidate, g_kick_chat)
client_kick(candidate, g_kick_reason)
chat_msg(id, const text[]) {
static name[32]
get_user_name(id, name, 31)
client_print(0, print_chat, text, name)
stock client_kick(id, const reason[] = "") {
server_cmd("kick #%d ^"%s^"", get_user_userid(id), reason)
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