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Created April 20, 2017 05:04
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Fortran code to compute prime numbers.
! 素数一覧
! : 入力値以下の素数を全て出力する
! date name version
! 2017.04.20 1.00 新規作成
! Copyright(C) 2017 All Rights Reserved.
program prime_numbers
implicit none
integer i, j, n
logical is_prime
print *, "自然数を入力してください N:"
read *, n
do i = 2, n
is_prime = .true.
do j = 2, int(sqrt(dble(i)))
if (mod(i,j) == 0) then
is_prime = .false. ! 割り切れるので素数ではない
end if
end do
if (is_prime) print *, i ! もし素数ならば出力
end do
end program
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If you ask me what you should do,
I'm very sorry, but I can only say that you should refer to this 'prime_numbers.f95' code.

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