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kometbomb / put-a-flip-in-it.p8
Last active December 11, 2021 13:08
#PutAFlipInIt! #pico8
-- 1. Paste this at the very bottom of your PICO-8
-- cart
-- 2. Hit return and select the menu item to save
-- a slow render gif (it's all automatic!)
-- 3. Tweet the gif with #PutAFlipInIt
-- Notes:
-- This relies on the max gif length being long
-- enough. This can be set with the -gif_len
kometbomb /
Last active June 27, 2023 13:00
PICO-8 tweetjam stuff

PICO-8 size optimization stuff for tweetcarts

Here are some simple ways to make your PICO-8 code fit in 140 280 characters (as in the #tweetjam #tweetcart craze). I did not invent these, I merely observed and collected them from the tweetjam thread.

LUA syntax stuff

  • Use single character variable names
  • Use x=.1 and x=.023, not x=0.1 or x=0.023
  • x=1/3 is shorter than x=.3333
  • You don't need to separate everything with spaces or write them on their own lines, e.g. circ(x,y,1)pset(z,q,7) works just as well