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Happy to use free software

Ariel Gimenez kone9

Happy to use free software
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kone9 /
Created May 23, 2020 — forked from RKiemGames/
Persistent client connection
extends Node
class_name NetworkedConnect
var _connected_to_server = false
var _connection_alive =
var _host
var _port
var _debug = false
kone9 /
Created Dec 21, 2019 — forked from RKiemGames/
Porting AnimationTree animations to another AnimationTree
func _ready():
for anim in $AnimationPlayer2.get_animation_list():
$AnimationPlayer.add_animation(anim, $AnimationPlayer2.get_animation(anim))
#example: running animations ported
$AnimationPlayer.connect("animation_finished", self, "rotate_anim")
func rotate_anim(anim_name):