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An alternative to Geek Code, by Greg Webster (see

OmniCode is/was a suggested replacement for the Geek Code written by Greg Webster, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 (CC BY-NC-SA 2.5) license. It first appeared on 2001-06-23 at Greg's user diary, and it was last updated probably around 2006.

I'm putting it here, as the original site no longer hosts it. (Retrieved using Google's webcache from a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 8 Jul 2013.) Considering the many years of inactivity, this will apparently be the last version of OmniCode we are gonna see.

OmniCode! version 0.1.7
Description for the New Net
All codes are built in the following way:
[code symbol][attribute].[modifier].[modifier].[modifier]...
or for multiple codes:
[code symbol][attribute].[modifier]&[attribute].[modifier]...
'&' and ';' are reserved characters. Don't use them except for intended
The rules (especially for code creators):
- Codes can be in any order
- No codes are required
- Codes end in a blank space
- Spaces in modifiers are replaced with '_'
- Modifiers get more specific to the right
- Multiple codes for a person are joined with a '&'. The code
itself is not repeated. Example: ey{R}00FF00&{L}888888
with one green eye and one grey eye).
- If you want to break a long code over to the next line, the
next line must start with a ^
- The whole shebang is case-sensitive! If you don't follow this,
you may break future codes.
All and any people may make creation or decoding tools for this code.
Have fun, but please don't alter the code yourself so that other peoples
tools don't get broken. Instead, make submissions to the OmniCode
discussion area located at
These attributes may be applied to any code (other attribute symbols are
specific to the individual code):
! Negation (this code does not apply to me)
+ This code applies to me very well (or I agree strongly,
or better than average)
- This code does not apply to me very well (or I disagree
strongly or worse than average)
= The average value of this code applies to me
* All possible modifiers to this code apply to me
? Unknown / unsure
(n) Level of achievement - replace 'n' with a number 0-9
- Place at the end of code attribute
^(n) Aspiring to this level (as above)
{R} Right - Place before code attribute
{L} Left - Place before code attribute
; Secondary joining
(Ie. ha000000.braids.2_foot;shaved.sides means that the
person has two foot braids in a mohawk haircut, but that
both apply to the hair colour)
Core Attributes - things that are not normally changeable
sx - Gender - not sexual preference:
sxy male
sxx female
sx* hermaphrodite
sx! asexual
sx~ transgender
cm - Height - modifier is height in centimeters (1" = 2.54cm)
kg - Weight - modifier is weight in kilograms (1lb. = 0.45kg)
sk - Skincolour - attribute (att) is colour in hexadecimal
skFFFFFF Full White
sk000000 Full Black
skEAD5C9 Lighter skin tone
sk9E684F Darker skin tone
ha - Haircolour - modifier is colour in hexadecimal
ey - Eyecolour - modifier is colour in hexadecimal
es - Eyesight
es+ Better than 20/20
es= 20/20 vision
eso Farsighted
esO Nearsighted
es# Astigmatic
es~ Colourblind
es! Blind
sp - Sexual preference:
sp= heterosexual
sp< homosexual
sp* bisexual
sp! non-sexual
sp!.human non-humans
spO Use to specify something not listed (ie.
Ag - Age - attribute is the 4 digit year of birth:
an - Ancestry
anA African
anC Celt
anE European
anO Asian
anP Polynesian & other Islander
anI Native (North and South) American
anU Other Aboriginal
an[attr].[mod]&[attr].[mod] More than one apply (defined by
an? Unsure
an! nonhuman
hd - Handedness
hdd right-handed
hds left-handed
hda ambidextrous (both are equal in use)
hdn ambi-sinistral (neither is any good)
hd! no hands
Lo - Longitude and Latitude (list of major cities here:
Format is searchable with Google Maps (
Lo49.257498,-123.181458 (vancouver, bc, canada)
GM - TimeZone and Daylight savings
There are 5 sections to this code:
1. GM
2. + (plus) or - (minus) from GMT. People -in- GMT use GM0
3. Time zone differential from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
4. D or no D. This determines whether your locale uses Daylight Savings
Time or
5. Hemisphere: S (southern) or N (Northern) to determine your wintertime
applicable for Daylight Savings Time
GM+8.5DS (8.5plus from GMT, Daylight savings in a Southern
hemisphere winter.
Zo - Astrological (Zodiac) sign.
ZoQ Aquarius
ZoP Pisces
ZoA Aries
ZoT Taurus
ZoG Gemini
ZoC Cancer
ZoL Leo
ZoV Virgo
ZoB Libra
ZoS Scorpio
Zos Sagittarius
Zoc Capricorn
....and the chinese astrological signs
ZoR Rat
ZoO Ox
Zot Tiger
Zor Rabbit
ZoD Dragon
ZoK Snake
ZoH Horse
Zob Sheep/Goat
ZoM Monkey
Zoo Rooster
Zod Dog
Zop Pig
Learned Attributes - things that can change over time
rl - Religion: (submit additions to the address at the top of this page)
rlC Christian
rlI Islam
rlH Hindu
rlB Buddhist
rlS Sikh
rlY Yoruba
rlJ Jewish
rlj Jainist
rls Shinto
rlN Neo-pagan
rlL Scientologist
rlR Rastafarian
rlZ Zoroastrianist
rlD Discordian
rlG Gravitism
rlF Jedi
rlM Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
rlh Humanist
rlb Church of the SubGenius
rl? Agnostic
rl! Atheist
rl< Self
rlO.[mod] Other
rl[attr].[mod]&[attr].[mod] Multiple, defined by modifier
LA - Language - (Based on standard: ISO 639) For multiple languages and
fluencies, mark fluencies with a '9' (1 means you know a few menu items
and swear words and could probably find a restaurant and a bathroom, 9
being 'fluent'). The author is a LAEN(9)&FR(2). For clearer explanation
of this numeric scale, refer to:
(where 0 means "no experience in the language", which would be pointless
in the Omnicode context. Dialect can be added with a period and
LAEN.ragincajun English speaker of 'ragincajun' dialect
LAAB Abkhazian
LAAF Afrikaans
LAAM Amharic
LAAR Arabic
LAAS Assamese
LAAY Aymara
LAAZ Azerbaijani
LABA Bashkir
LABE Byelorussian
LABG Bulgarian
LABH Bihari
LABI Bislama
LABN Bengali
LABO Tibetan
LABR Breton
LACA Catalan
LACO Corsican
LACS Czech
LACY Welsh
LADA Danish
LADE German
LADZ Bhutani
LAEL Greek
LAEN English
LAEO Esperanto
LAES Spanish
LAET Estonian
LAEU Basque
LAFA Persian
LAFI Finnish
LAFO Faeroese
LAFR French
LAFY Frisian
LAGA Irish
LAGD Gaelic
LAGL Galician
LAGN Guarani
LAGU Gujarati
LAHA Hausa
LAHI Hindi
LAHR Croatian
LAHU Hungarian
LAHY Armenian
LAIA Interlingua
LAIE Interlingue
LAIK Inupiak
LAIN Indonesian
LAIS Icelandic
LAIT Italian
LAIW Hebrew
LAJA Japanese
LAJI Yiddish
LAJW Javanese
LAKA Georgian
LAKI Klingon
LAKK Kazakh
LAKL Greenlandic
LAKM Cambodian
LAKN Kannada
LAKO Korean
LAKS Kashmiri
LAKU Kurdish
LAKY Kirghiz
LALA Latin
LALN Lingala
LALO Laothian
LALT Lithuanian
LALV Latvian
LAMG Malagasy
LAMI Maori
LAMK Macedonian
LAML Malayalam
LAMN Mongolian
LAMO Moldavian
LAMR Marathi
LAMS Malay
LAMT Maltese
LAMY Burmese
LANA Nauru
LANE Nepali
LANL Dutch
LANO Norwegian
LAOC Occitan
LAOM Oromo
LAOR Oriya
LAPA Punjabi
LAPL Polish
LAPS Pashto
LAPT Portuguese
LAQU Quechua
LARM Rhaeto-Romance
LARN Kirundi
LARO Romanian
LARU Russian
LARW Kinyarwanda
LASA Sanskrit
LASD Sindhi
LASG Sangro
LASH Serbo-Croatian
LASI Singhalese
LASK Slovak
LASL Slovenian
LASM Samoan
LASN Shona
LASO Somali
LASQ Albanian
LASR Serbian
LASS Siswati
LAST Sesotho
LASU Sudanese
LASV Swedish
LASW Swahili
LATA Tamil
LATE Tegulu
LATG Tajik
LATI Tigrinya
LATK Turkmen
LATL Tagalog
LATN Setswana
LATO Tonga
LATR Turkish
LATS Tsonga
LATT Tatar
LAUK Ukrainian
LAUZ Uzbek
LAVI Vietnamese
LAVO Volapuk
LAWO Wolof
LAXH Xhosa
LAYO Yoruba
LAZH Chinese
LAAL Artifical language not listed (ie Loglang)
Cr - Career - Replace bracketed 'n' with a number from 0-9
showing level of accomplishment. For those who wish to specify further,
use a trailing period and another modifier. For example:
Cra(n) Artist
Crb(n) Finance and banking
Crm(n) Construction and manufacturing
Cre(n) Education
CrE(n) Engineering
Crs(n) Science
Crc(n) Computing
Crh(n) Health
Crp(n) Philosophy
CrM(n) Military
Crl(n) Law
Crg(n) Government
Crd(n) Media
Crn(n) Nature
Crr(n) Recreation and leisure
CrS(n) Sales
Crt(n) Transportation
CrH(n) Home-worker
CrL(n) Student
Cr!(n) Unemployed
CrR(n) Retired
Cr$(n) Independently Wealthy
CrP(n) Part-time or temporary "odd jobs"
CrO(n) Other
Cr?(n) Money arrives from somewhere
Ed - Education - Replace bracketed 'n' with a number from 0-9
showing level of accomplishment. For those who wish to specify further,
use a trailing period and another modifier. For example:
Eda(n) Artist
Edb(n) Finance and banking
Edm(n) Construction and manufacturing
Ede(n) Education
EdE(n) Engineering
Eds(n) Science
Edc(n) Computing
Edh(n) Health
Edp(n) Philosophy
EdM(n) Military
Edl(n) Law
Edg(n) Government
Edd(n) Media
Edn(n) Nature
Edr(n) Recreation and leisure
EdS(n) Sales
Edt(n) Transportation
Ed!(n) None
EdO(n) Other
Ed?(n) I think I know something but I don't know what
Hb - Hobbies. You may have multiples. Examples:
Pl - Political leanings
PlC Communist
Plm Marxist
Pln Leninist
PlD Democratic
PlR Republican
PlL Labour
PlT Tory
PlG Green
Pll Libertarian
Pl{L} Left/liberal
Pl{R} Right/conservative
Pl{L}.Far Far left
PlM Moderate or Centrist
Pl! Anarchist
PlO Other (ie. PlO.Theocracy)
Mv - Tranportation. Method of usual transportation.
MvD Drive
MvW Walking
MvS Scooter
Mvs 'Segway'
MvM Motorbike
MvB Public transit
MvH Hired transport (taxi, limo)
MvL School Bus
MvA Vehicle capable of air travel
MvQ Vehicle capable of water travel
MvO Wheelchair
Mv- Other (specify with trailing .)
MvD.Car.Ford_Aspire Drive a specific vehicle
Rl - Relationship status:
RlM Married
RlC Living together or Common law
RlE Engaged
RlD Dating
RlW Widow/widower
RlP Polygamous
Rlx Divorced
Rl! Single
Rl+ Seeking
Rl- Not seeking
RlD&+ Divorced and seeking
Kd - Children: KdnG, where n-number and G-gender (example: Kd2x1y).
Further specifications may be added with a trailing period:
"Kd!.Never" or "Kd2x1y.brats". Alternately:
Kd! no kids
Kd? Possible kids
Kd> One (or more) on the way
Kd* Too many kids
Kd+ Someone else's kids (Stepchildren)
Pe - Pets
PeA Amphibian (frog, salamander...)
PeB Avian
PeN Arachnoid
PeI Insect
PeR Reptile
Per Rodent
PeF Fish
PeM Mollusc (clam, snail, scallop, squid...)
PeP Plant
PeO Other
...and some specifics for simplicity's sake:
PeC Cat
PeD Dog
PeS Snake
PeH Hare or Rabbit
PeT Rat
MB - Myers-Briggs Personality type, These are 4 letter codes made of
the "opposites" of Introvert-Extrovert, Intuitive-Sensing,
Feeling-Thinking, Judging-Perceiving. Add modifiers with a trailing
period (ie. MBINTP.Extreme_Introvert) These are all the possible
FH - Facial hair
FHb full facial beard
FHg goatee
FHp soul patch
FHm mustache
FHs sideburns
FHS stubble
FH! no facial hair
FHo other
FHm.handlebar handlebar mustache
BA - Body Adornments (permanent or semi-permanent)
Based on type, then location
BAT Tattoo
BAP Piercing
BAB Branding
BAS Scarring (ritual or otherwise)
BAI Implants
BAl Stretching
BAO Other
Fun stuff - hobbies, dislikes, likes, attitudes
Note: these codes are flexible and changing. If an OmniCode parser does
know the code, it should ignore it or list it without attempt at
UF - Your connection to a UserFriendly character
or your similarity to a UF character. Specify further
with a trailing dot (ie. UFPitr.Evilness)
UF* All of them
UF! Dislike UF
UF? UF? What's that? (or just omit this specification)
IN - Time spent on the internet each day in hours. Type or speed of
connection can be added with a trailing period modifier. Usual
IN16.Cable I use cable
IN! I don't use the internet
Ad - Addictions. Further specification using usual period notation (ie.
AdC Caffeine
AdN Nicotine
AdM Marijuana
AdA Alcohol
AdI Internet
AdG Gambling
AdS Sex
Ad+ More than I can fit here
Ad* Everything
Ad! No addictions
Ad? Addicted? Me?
AdO Other (ie. 'AdO.Chocolate')
Pr - Programming Languages (NOTE: this has been simplified from the
original specs given by IByte). The "Pr" is the important part, follow
it with whatever programming language you use. The below are just
examples. Add modifiers as you wish.
Pr? Programming? What's that?
Pr! I don't do programming.
Pr* I program in all languages
PrPascal Pascal
PrPascal.Turbo Turbo Pascal
PrPascal.Delphi Delphi (Object Pascal)
PrPerl Perl
PrBASIC.Visual Visual Basic
PrC++ C++
PrC# C Sharp
PrJava Java
PrJavaScript JavaScript
PrRuby Ruby
PrRuby.on_Rails Ruby on Rails

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sahwar commented Feb 8, 2015

I think that I'll write an upgrade to this under a new name (while still giving credit), as it's better than the last version of the GeekCode but it still lacks a lot of things that could be described.

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