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convert *.cbr to *.cbz
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Convert cbr files to cbz.
# depends
type -p 7z >/dev/null || exit 3
# trap SIGINT
trap 'trap - INT; kill -s INT "$$"' INT
file() {
local base=$(basename $1 '.cbr')
7z x "$1" -o "${temp}/${base}"
7z a -tzip "${base}.cbz" "${temp}/${base}"
usage() {
cat <<EOF
$(basename $0) <mode> <source>
$(basename $0) --file/-f <target> convert <target> file
$(basename $0) --dir/-d <target> convert all files in <target>
$(basename $0) --all same thing as doing --dir .
main() {
temp=$(mktemp -d)
case $1 in
--file|-f) file "$2" ;;
find "$2" -type f -name '*.cbr' | while read f; do
file "$f"
done ;;
--all|-a) main --dir . ;;
*) usage ;;
rm -r ${temp}
main "$@"
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