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Updating iBeacon JINOU BLE JO-BEC05 JO-BEC03 CC2540/CC2541 advertisement data

PIN code: 000000

Set them up using an iOS app:

  1. Install Lightblue Explorer from App store
  2. Connect to 'JinouBeacon'
  3. Enter the PIN 000000 to pair the device
  4. Editable values are in UUID:F350 section
  5. Covert strings / numbers to HEX before writing
Value Description
0xF351 Beacon UUID
0xF352 Beacon Major setting (0 to 65535)
0xF353 Beacon Minor setting (0 to 65535)
0xF354 Tx Power setting (-127 to 0)
0xF355 Tx Transmit Power Parameter (0 to 3)
0xF356 Broadcast Interval (0 to 10000) milliseconds (?), minimum value is 256 (hex 0100)
0xF357 Pairing Code (000000 to 999999), not tried
0xF35B Beacon Display Name (20 characters)
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spriggsy commented May 24, 2018

Having issues with these instructions. when trying to change the name via various android apps(mainly nrfconnect) the name isnt saved to device?

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