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Created June 15, 2021 16:08
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This will install Apple SF & NY fonts on Linux. Tested on Pop!OS (similar to Ubuntu) 20.10.
# Install Apple fonts on Linux
# requires p7zip-full installed
getFont() {
if [ ! -f "${DIR}/${NAME}.dmg" ];then
wget "${NAME}.dmg" -O "${DIR}/${NAME}.dmg"
cd "${DIR}"
7z x -ao "${NAME}.dmg"
7z x -ao *.pkg
7z x -ao Payload~
cp Library/Fonts/*.otf Library/Fonts/*.ttf ~/.local/share/fonts
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/fonts
getFont SF-Pro SanFranciscoPro
getFont SF-Compact SanFranciscoCompact
getFont SF-Mono SFMonoFonts
getFont SF-Arabic SFArabicFonts
getFont NY NYFonts
fc-cache -f -v
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