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import sys
import time
def err(*args):
sys.stderr.write(', '.join([str(arg) for arg in args]) + "\n")
def move_to_dir(old, new):
if old[0] < new[0]:
return "RIGHT"
if old[1] < new[1]:
return "DOWN"
if old[0] > new[0]:
return "LEFT"
return "UP"
class Board():
def __init__(self, board):
self.board = board
def show(self):
return "\n".join([' '.join(map(str, x)) for x in self.board])
def get_score(starts):
t1 = time.time()
graphs = {i: {} for i in range(n_players)}
graphset = set(x for x in occupied)
order = list(range(my_id, n_players)) + list(range(0, my_id))
err("order order", order)
it = 1
board = [['.' for j in range(30)] for i in range(20)]
while True:
full = True
moves = {}
for o in order:
for x in starts[o]:
for n in NEIGHBOURS[x]:
if n not in graphset or (n in moves and it == 1):
full = False
moves[n] = o
for k, v in moves.items():
graphs[v][k] = it
board[k[1]][k[0]] = v
if full:
starts = [[k for k, v in moves.items() if v == i] for i in range(n_players)]
it += 1
num_my_tiles = len(graphs[my_id])
num_enemy_tiles = sum([len(graphs[i]) for i in range(n_players) if i != my_id])
enemies_dist = sum([sum(graphs[i].values()) for i in range(n_players) if i != my_id])
err("t", time.time() - t1)
return sum([num_my_tiles * 10000000, num_enemy_tiles * -100000, enemies_dist]), Board(board)
for i in range(30):
for j in range(20):
neighbours = []
if i < 29:
neighbours.append((i + 1, j))
if i > 0:
neighbours.append((i - 1, j))
if j < 19:
neighbours.append((i, j + 1))
if j > 0:
neighbours.append((i, j - 1))
NEIGHBOURS[(i, j)] = neighbours
occupied = {}
while True:
n_players, my_id = [int(i) for i in input().split()]
curr_moves = []
for i in range(n_players):
x0, y0, x1, y1 = [int(j) for j in input().split()]
occupied[(x0, y0)] = i
occupied[(x1, y1)] = i
curr_moves.append((x1, y1))
for i, cm in enumerate(curr_moves):
if cm == (-1, -1):
occupied = {k: v for k, v in occupied.items() if v != i}
for p in range(n_players):
x1, y1 = curr_moves[p]
if p == my_id:
me = (x1, y1)
scores = []
err("me", me)
err("neg", NEIGHBOURS[me])
for neighbour in NEIGHBOURS[me]:
if neighbour not in occupied:
player_starts = [[x] for x in curr_moves.copy()]
player_starts[my_id] = [neighbour]
err("player_starts", player_starts)
for i, cm in enumerate(curr_moves):
if cm == (-1, -1):
player_starts[i] = []
score, brd = get_score(player_starts)
scores.append((score, brd, neighbour))
best_score_move = sorted(scores, key=lambda x: x[0], reverse=True)[0]
err("scoring", scores)
err("best", best_score_move)
print(move_to_dir(me, best_score_move[-1]))
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