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Clears everything recursively in your Firestore database. Useful in the cleanUp routine of any tests.
const clearCollection = db => async collections => {
await Promise.all( collection => {
// get documents
const documents = await collection.listDocuments();
await Promise.all( doc => {
const collections = await db.doc(`${doc.path}`).listCollections();
// If document has a sub collection delete that first
if (collections.length > 0) {
await clearCollection(db)(collections);
await doc.delete();
const clearDB = async db => {
// get root collections
const collections = await db.listCollections();
// delete root collections
return clearCollection(db)(collections);
module.exports = {clearDB, clearCollection};
// clearDB(admin.firestore()) will delete everything in your database
// clearCollection(admin.firestore())(collectionRef) will delete everything within a collection
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