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@kosamari kosamari/parser.js

Last active Oct 11, 2016
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parser function for sbn compiler
function parser (tokens) {
var AST = {
type: 'Drawing',
body: []
// extract a token at a time as current_token. Loop until we are out of tokens.
while (tokens.length > 0){
var current_token = tokens.shift()
// Since number token does not do anything by it self, we only analyze syntax when we find a word.
if (current_token.type === 'word') {
switch (current_token.value) {
case 'Paper' :
var expression = {
type: 'CallExpression',
name: 'Paper',
arguments: []
// if current token is CallExpression of type Paper, next token should be color argument
var argument = tokens.shift()
if(argument.type === 'number') {
expression.arguments.push({ // add argument information to expression object
type: 'NumberLiteral',
value: argument.value
AST.body.push(expression) // push the expression object to body of our AST
} else {
throw 'Paper command must be followed by a number.'
case 'Pen' :
case 'Line':
return AST
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