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Created June 15, 2015 13:43
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What I learned from reading PRs and issues on 'What is Code?' repo

Programmers likes to fix things. When there is a typo in your code, then your code won't work. There are many requests to fix typo in the article from inconstant numbering in footnotes to wrong filename for images. When spotting someone's mistake, get creative and title your PR like "Instagram is only worth 1 Instragram not 2 Instragrams". Programmer's attention to detail extends not only the article itself, but also the license doc in the repo.

Don't forget to fact check before spotting mistake though. It's important. Keyword to use is AFAIK and can confirm.

Programmers love to know the source of information. There are few requests to add hyperlinks to contents referenced in the article. Some are from original authors, and this author responded by making original article CC-BY-ND so it is clear what needed to be attributed.

Speaking of license, the article itself is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license, there is a TL;DR in readme file. Some people want to translate this article into different language, but that seems to be outside the scope of this license.

Github really is where programmers flourish. You know... Spacing,          really,           matters. Programmers even like to leave description space empty because srly, they are excellent communicator right? There is many ways to write a piece of code and programmers like to keep it that way. When someone does good job, express your opinion before giving compliment. When things are not provided the way you like it, then make more tool to work for you, or do it anyway because, why not.

Opinions, Opinions, [OPINIONS] (BloombergGraphics/whatiscode#69). There is always a programmer who tells you never to use sudo, and religion called vim is very strong. Programmers know when it's going to wrench things but don't shy away from doing so, and make an argument about whether an argument is valid argument or not. But hey! That's why they have nice community in GitHub right? On vibrant community discussion, PHP is dead, and Node is the new hotness. Also thanks to GitHub, looks like resident in China finally found the way to send issue report to

Lastly, Thank you and Sorry are two words you should use more often, so you can master art of killing troll by smile.

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jalcine commented Jun 15, 2015

The fact that everything's linked together to a real world example makes this feel like a living document more than anything else. Dope!

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