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Tournament Guide

When tournament sign-ups are opened, you will see a interface drop down from the top of the chat area. There will be a button to join if you're not in the tournament and a button to leave if you are. Alternatively, the commands /tour join and /tour leave can be used instead. Please resist any urge to spam joins and leaves since it is a bannable offence.
Once you join the tournament, the bracket will already by displayed. However, do not challenge anyone yet. Please wait until someone starts the tournament.
When the tournament starts, you should see the leave button replaced with information about any match-ups you have. Challenge drop downs and buttons will appear if you are matched up to challenge another user. Please use the interface to challenge the user rather challenging the "normal" way because otherwise it won't count as a tournament match.


  • Run /tour by itself for a list of currently running tournaments
  • The tournament bracket becomes draggable and will be able to be popped out if it grows too large
  • You can toggle the tournament bracket by clicking on the header
  • If the interface messes up (e.g., bracket disappeared or challenges not working), try running /tour getupdate
  • You can cancel your challenge by running /tour cancelchallenge

Management Commands

All commands are to be run under /tour. For example, the command start would be typed into chat as /tour start.

  • create/new <format>, <type> [, <comma-separated arguments>]
    • Creates a new tournament in the current room. Arguments explained below
  • settype <type> [, <comma-separated arguments>]
    • Modifies the type of tournament after it's been created, but before it has started. The arguments have the same meaning as the ones in create/new
  • end/delete
    • Forcibly ends the tournament in the current room.
  • start/begin
    • Starts the tournament in the current room. This means that users can no longer leave or join the tournament.
  • disqualify/dq <user>
    • Self explanatory
  • autodq/setautodq <minutes|off>
    • Sets the automatic disqualification timeout. Participants who have available challenges and aren't acting on them will be eligible for automatic disqualification after this timeout. The automatic disqualifier is run at start and end of each tournament battle, or can be manually run with runautodq.
  • runautodq
    • Manually runs the automatic disqualifier.
  • getusers
    • Lists the users currently in the tournament. Can be broadcast.

Arguments for create/new

<format> is the battle format, such as OU. Don't worry, if you type this wrong, it will give you a list of valid ones.

<type> is the tournament type, of which roundrobin and elimination are currently supported.

  • roundrobin is your typical Round Robin tournament, but if you provide an optional argument, it becomes a Double Round Robin tournament, meaning that each battle is done twice. This type of tournament is more suited for a low number of users (e.g., less than 6).
  • elimination is the more well known Elimination tournament style, and accepts a number as an optional argument. The number represents the type of Elimination tournament. For example, 2 would mean Double Elimination.


  • /tour new ou, roundrobin: OU Round Robin
  • /tour new ou, roundrobin, 1: OU Double Round Robin
  • /tour new ou, elimination: OU Single Elimination
  • /tour new ou, elimination, 2: OU Double Elimination

Feeling Generous?

Developing these things takes a lot of time, and any bit of donations help. Please consider donating if you like my work!

Alternatively, if you want some return for your money, I also offer Pokemon Showdown server hosting services


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@UnovaChampionN UnovaChampionN commented Dec 16, 2013

nice work on the new tour system kota


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@CreaturePhil CreaturePhil commented Dec 20, 2013



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@ExiledShadows ExiledShadows commented Dec 22, 2013

Its so much better now. Great work.


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@ArranHS ArranHS commented Mar 24, 2014

Works nice and smoothly, good job!


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@Quarkiki Quarkiki commented Mar 24, 2014

Thanks Kota ^_^


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@panpawn panpawn commented Apr 6, 2014

Nice job Kota


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@FrontierKathey FrontierKathey commented Apr 27, 2014

Wow Kota This Is Cool :3


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@Adithya4Uberz Adithya4Uberz commented Sep 2, 2014

I like the tour system kota


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@augmt augmt commented Oct 24, 2015

Can you amend this to demonstrate playerCap?

create/new have two optional arguments in specific order: playerCap and the original optional argument.

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