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RTMP to Discord stream (GoLive) conversion


This guide sets up nginx to convert a RTMP stream to HLS, which then can be opened in browsers. Discord can then take advantage of Chromium's tab sharing feature to stream the HLS stream. Only a few seconds of latency are added, which is acceptable for most applications.

Note: If your goal is to just get audio streaming working on Linux, this guide might be helpful (It results in lower FPS for me, however):


Liquid Cooling Quick-Disconnect Comparison

The accompanying CSV compares various liquid cooling quick-disconnect couplers that satisfy the following criteria:

  • No-spill (<100µL loss on disconnect)
  • Hand mate (requires releasing an interlock to disconnect)
  • Material compatible with a copper loop (e.g., brass, plastic, stainless steel)
  • 0~60°C operating temperature
  • Nominal inner diametre of 6~10mm

Stream audio from Windows to Linux

Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 Redstone 1

Both boxes need to be on the same network (such that multicast packets can be passed between them)



  1. Setup JACK (easy to do with Cadence)


View words-dict.edict2
剕 [あしきり] /(n) (arch) (See 五刑) cutting off the leg at the knee (form of punishment in ancient China)/EntL2542150/
劓 [はなきり] /(n) (arch) (See 五刑) cutting off the nose (form of punishment in ancient China)/EntL2542140/
匜;半挿 [はそう;はぞう] /(n) (1) (esp. ) wide-mouthed ceramic vessel having a small hole in its spherical base (into which bamboo was probably inserted to pour liquids)/(2) (See 半挿・はんぞう・1) teapot-like object made typically of lacquerware and used to pour hot and cold liquids/EntL2791750/
噯;噯気;噫気;噯木(iK) [おくび(噯,噯気);あいき(噯気,噫気,噯木)] /(n) (uk) belch/eructation/burp/EntL2007450X/
垜;安土;堋 [あずち] /(n) mound on which targets are placed (in archery)/firing mound/EntL2542010/
杮;木屑;柿(iK) [こけら] /(n) (1) chopped wood/wood chips/(2) (abbr) (See こけら板) thin shingles/EntL2097450/
棈;阿部槙(ateji) [あべまき;アベマキ] /(n) (uk) Chinese cork oak (Quercus variabilis)/EntL2827052/
楣;目草 [まぐさ] /(n) (uk) {archit} (See 蹴放し) lintel (lacking the grooves needed for a sliding door)/EntL2056390X/
氐 [てい] /(n) (1) Di (ancient Chinese ethnic group)/(2) {as
View 0001-Hack-in-C++-support.patch
From 16fb4aa41e1ac236cf1f57747b70ab650292658d Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: =?UTF-8?q?=E5=B0=8F=E5=A4=AA?= <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 21:55:53 +1000
Subject: [PATCH] Hack in C++ support
Also via a unusual method to update the musl version without creating a huge
diff that give won't accept.
musl needed to be updated because libc++ depends on a newer one than the one
kotarou3 /
Last active Nov 12, 2021
Find top-level packages of the dependency graph for debian packages
import argparse, sys
import apt
import networkx as nx
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description = "Find top-level packages of the dependency graph"
View git-find-blobs.js
"use strict";
const co = require("co");
const execFile = Promise.guard(
require("os").cpus().length + 1,
(cmd, args) => require("mz/child_process").execFile(cmd, args, {maxBuffer: 100 * 1024 * 1024})
const fs = require("mz/fs");
kotarou3 / examine-middlewares.js
Created Feb 3, 2016
Scripts to help with examining middlewares
View examine-middlewares.js
function examineMiddlewares(middlewares) {
"use strict";
let results = [];
for (let middleware of middlewares) {
let script = %FunctionGetScript(middleware);
let position = %FunctionGetScriptSourcePosition(middleware);
let line = script.source.slice(0, position).split("\n").length - 1;
let source = %FunctionGetSourceCode(middleware);
kotarou3 / timetable-formatter.js
Last active Jul 20, 2016
Format UNSW timetable for conversion to PDF
View timetable-formatter.js
let printoutHeight = 18; // In centimetres
function xpath(node, path) {
let elems = document.evaluate(path, node, null, XPathResult.ANY_TYPE, null);
let elem;
let result = [];
while (elem = elems.iterateNext())
return result;
View crc32c-fixpoint.c
#include <nmmintrin.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
for (uint64_t i = 0; i < 0x100000000ULL; ++i)
if (_mm_crc32_u32(0, i) == i)
printf("%08x\n", (uint32_t)i);
return 0;