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Ovulation day Calculator for fish
# notyet!!!!!
# if Regular cycle
function regular_c
while true
echo 'How many days is your menstrual cycle?'
read regular_day -p "echo '(day) > '"
echo $regular_day
while true
echo 'When was the last menstruation?'
read regular_last_year -p "echo -en 'Year > |'"
read regular_last_month -p "echo -en 'Month > |'"
read regular_last_day -p "echo -en ' Day > |'"
echo "$regular_last_year"-"$regular_last_month"-"$regular_last_day"
# if Irregular cycle
function irregular_c
echo 'Ask Yes / No questions.'
read cycletype -p "echo -e 'Your menstrual cycle is regular?\n Y/N > '"
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