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How to install Windows 11


We have three method here.

  • 1: Install from setup.exe on external storage. [upgradable from win10] (Highly recommend <= More compatiblity)
  • 2: Boot external storage and install from installer. [not upgradable from win10]
  • 3: Install from setup.exe on system drive(C:). [not upgradable from win10] (Probably it fails)


0: Common produce.

1️⃣ Download Windows 11 installer.

Use torrent. (If you are not have Torrent client yet. Use this: c0re100/qBittorrent-Enhanced-Edition/releases)



We can speed up with:

1: Install from setup.exe on external storage.

1️⃣ Burn installer into external storage.

Use Rufus.

Download it from: pbatard/rufus/releases

Launch Rufus, and follow image on bellow:

2️⃣ Execute setup.exe from installer on external storage.

Open external storage on explorer, then install using setup.exe.

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