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set -eu
wget -nc
echo "Checking for GPU type:"
if [ ! -f ]; then
echo "Removing conflicting packages, will replace with RAPIDS compatible versions"
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# Example training loop for fitting a line from 2 points
# A line is defined as a*x+b
# Want machine to learn what a and b are.
# Important thing to note is the overall structure of components
# 1. Batch of training data
# 1A: inputs used to generate predictions
x_values = tf.convert_to_tensor([0.0, 1.0])
# 1B: desired outputs or 'labels'
y_values = tf.convert_to_tensor([0.0, 3.0])
View gist:27d87c5210354389cbd2a1881310ad02
# recall the training loop pattern
# 1. Batch of training data
# Batch of training data
x_values = tf.range(0,1,0.01)
# 1B: desired outputs or 'labels'
y_values = 3*x_values + 1 + tf.random_uniform(x_values.shape)
# 2. Model
# 2A: Variables that will be trained
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user> ERROR: Unhandled REPL handler exception processing message {:file (ns cursive.repl.runtime
(:import [java.lang.reflect Method Field Constructor])
(:require [clojure.reflect :as reflect]
[clojure.set :as set]))
(def mappings {:macro identity
:ns (comp name ns-name)
:name name
:arglists #(mapv str %)
kovasb / gist:9b625b8e82b0aa08c1c9
Last active Jan 13, 2016
Assessing Spark & Flink from Clojure POV
View gist:9b625b8e82b0aa08c1c9
- Interactivity
-- Incremental extension or modification of running system
- Modularity
-- Pluggable serialization, storage, conveyance, scheduling, lifecycle hooks etc etc
**Spark Summary
- RDDs: represent a lazily-computed distributed dataset
-- each dataset is broken up into 'partitions' that individually sit at different machines
-- just a DAG with edges annotated to describe relationship between partitions of parent and partitions of child
kovasb / gist:843f2fea05a9da3ec4fd
Created Mar 24, 2015
View gist:843f2fea05a9da3ec4fd
WARNING: No such namespace:, could not locate clojure/tools/nrepl/middleware/load_file.cljs at line 1 <cljs repl>
clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Unable to resolve var: file-contents in this context at line 1 <cljs repl> {:tag :cljs/analysis-error, :file "<cljs repl>", :line 1, :column 390}
View gist:a641c42ce0bd120296cb
(require '[ :as fress])
(require '[ :as io])
(import '
(defn fress-seq* [reader]
(let [x (try (fress/read-object reader) (catch Exception e :eof))]
(if (= :eof x)
(do (.close reader) nil)
(cons x
View gist:6a9bb54316ff0e0e051e
/*static*/ v8::Handle<v8::Value> Java::bufferFromDirect(const v8::Arguments& args) {
v8::HandleScope scope;
Java* self = node::ObjectWrap::Unwrap<Java>(args.This());
v8::Handle<v8::Value> ensureJvmResults = self->ensureJvm();
if(!ensureJvmResults->IsUndefined()) {
return v8::False();
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