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Created November 13, 2017 19:00
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ace dropdown widget
<li id="download_basket"><a class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">
<i class="ace-icon fa fa-download"></i>
<span class="badge">1</span>
<ul class="dropdown-menu-right dropdown-navbar dropdown-menu dropdown-caret dropdown-close ui-sortable" id="sortable" style="">
<li class="dropdown-header">
<i class="ace-icon fa fa-file-text-o"></i>
<span class="count">1</span>
Reports in the basket
<li class="dropdown-footer">
<div class="clear-basket">
<a class="inline download_basket_clear" title="Remove all" rel="nofollow" data-method="post" href="/report_packages/download_basket/clear">Clear</a>
<div class="download-basket">
<a class="inline" target="_blank" title="Download as PDF file" href="/report_packages/download_basket.pdf"><i class="ace-icon fa fa-file-pdf-o fa-lg"></i>
</a><a class="inline" target="_blank" title="Download as XLSX file" href="/report_packages/download_basket.xlsx"><i class="ace-icon fa fa-file-excel-o fa-lg"></i>
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