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Kamil Politowicz kpolitowicz

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Game spec
1. Multiplayer “guess the number game”
1. The game has rounds - after each round the winning player is awarded 1 point, the rest of players - no points
1. The game has many rooms
1. 1-6 players can join the game room. Players are assigned seat numbers from 1-6 (randomly).
1. Player can join a room any time, but if they join during a round, they will have to wait until the next round starts
1. Player can join multiple rooms
1. Players can leave a room at any time. If this happens during a round, their seat is emptied. If this happens during their turn, the turn goes to the next player after timeout.
1. The first game round starts at seat #1
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pbpaste | ruby -e 'failed = $\n+/).map{|s| s[/features.*?:\d+/]}.compact ; exit if failed.empty? ; cmd = "CUCUMBER_FORMAT=pretty bundle exec cucumber -r features/ #{failed.join(" ")}" ; $stderr.puts cmd ; puts cmd' | /bin/sh
kpolitowicz / gist:1001053
Created May 31, 2011
Speeding up Rails startup time - 1.9.2-p180
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curl > /tmp/require-performance-fix-1.9.2.patch
rvm install 1.9.2-p180 --patch /tmp/require-performance-fix-1.9.2.patch