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@kpradeep12 kpradeep12/Pizza.kt
Last active Jan 26, 2019

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This class will demonstrate the kotlin features along with building a Pizza DSL.
enum class Cheese{Light, Normal, Extra;}
enum class Sauce{Marinara, GarlicParmesan, Alfredo}
interface Topping
enum class Veg: Topping {Onion, Tomato, Pepper, Spinach;}
enum class Meat: Topping {Chicken, Pepperoni;}
fun main() =
pizza {
large {
toppings {
add(Veg.Tomato, Veg.Onion, Meat.Chicken)
fun pizza(build: Pizza.() -> Unit): Pizza{
val pizza = Pizza()
return pizza
class Pizza{
var size: String = "Medium"
var sauce: Sauce = Sauce.Marinara
var cheese: Cheese = Cheese.Normal
var toppings: MutableList<Topping> = mutableListOf()
fun large(size: Pizza.() -> Unit){
this.size = "Large"
fun medium(size: Pizza.() -> Unit){
this.size = "Medium"
fun toppings(tops: Pizza.() -> Unit) = this.tops()
fun half(side: Pizza.() -> Unit) = this.side()
fun add(sauce: Sauce) : Pizza {
this.sauce = sauce
return this
fun add(cheese: Cheese):Unit{
this.cheese = cheese
fun add(vararg toppings: Topping) = this.toppings.addAll(toppings)
override fun toString(): String{
return """Pizza [
$size [
Sauce: $sauce Cheese: $cheese
fun order() = println(this)
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