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user@user-ThinkPad-T400 ~/c/imon> cargo --explain E0117

This error indicates a violation of one of Rust's orphan rules for trait implementations. The rule prohibits any implementation of a foreign trait (a trait defined in another crate) where

  • the type that is implementing the trait is foreign
  • all of the parameters being passed to the trait (if there are any) are also foreign.

Here's one example of this error:

impl Drop for u32 {}

To avoid this kind of error, ensure that at least one local type is referenced by the impl:

pub struct Foo; // you define your type in your crate

impl Drop for Foo { // and you can implement the trait on it!
    // code of trait implementation here

impl From<Foo> for i32 { // or you use a type from your crate as
                         // a type parameter
    fn from(i: Foo) -> i32 {

Alternatively, define a trait locally and implement that instead:

trait Bar {
    fn get(&self) -> usize;

impl Bar for u32 {
    fn get(&self) -> usize { 0 }

For information on the design of the orphan rules, see RFC 1023.

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