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#How to start with TYPO3 in 2013 6.x Versions mentioned. Based on personal experience.


You should at least be familar with HTML and CSS . Some JS knowledge is wise to have. After you are familar with these things you are able to dig into CMS business. If you don´t have a clue about it, you will get seriously frustrated.

If you dig into TYPO3 you need a lot of time to understand it.

Keep it in mind

  • If you are new to TYPO3 keep on going but don´t get disappointed if things take long time. TYPO3 has a huge learning curve but gives you a dramatically big universe in content management.

  • A lot of stuff you read can be outdated. Keep always verifying that you read the latest information, howtos and snippets and that they match your usecase / TYPO3 Version.

  • Verify extension versions and read always the documentations to the extensions.

Getting into it


There a a lot of different Teplating methods in TYPO3. These days FLUID is the recommended way. It´s extremely powerful and gives you great flexibility. Forget what you ever heard. If someone sais "fluid is odd" - this person has no idea of it´s capabilities and what benefits it is giving to you.


This section has to be done one day. Here just the topics that are taken into account:

In General





Example on how to create a fluid template including a layout file and have different content areas:


Useful Links

  • fluidcontent does "FCE's" aka Flexible Content Elements - that allows individual content elements for your special needs
  • VHS can be a great starter/companion for diving into FLUID as it takes the hassle of wiring everything within TypoScript. It is a collection of extremely powerful and advanced template viewhelpers for FLUID templating tasks.

Fedext and Gridelements work great together - There´s no need for fedext vs. gridelements

  • For definitions of the packages go to
  • All in all-the bootstrap package is by far the most current "distribution" for starters and really shows great use of FLUID and TS (TYPOSCRIPT) side by side.


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