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Some rules for a D&D style card game
* Each player starts off with a party of adventurers (Must be similar alignment, ie Lawful Good, Good, Chaotic Good)
* The adventurers are cards with a level, classes, alignment, skill rank, HP, and abilities.
* To level up a character you replace him with a higher level version of that hero. Example: You have James the L1 Barbarian in your starting line up. You draw James the L2 Barbarian/Fighter, you may discard the james on the field with the higher one in your hand.
* Other cards include Items, Spells, Enchantments, Companions, or Mounts.
* When a player has lost all his adventurers he loses the game.
* To win you attack a player with as many adventurers as you like, and roll a D20 + attack bonus.
* Character can use abilities by rolling their Skill Rank on a D20.
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