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Some rules/guidelines for a community
* We will never have accounts, registration, subscriptions, or privilaged users.
* We will never hold information about your browser (<em>longer than 12 hours</em>), you (<em>ever</em>), or data related to you (<em>ever</em>).
* We will never release data we have about you, your browser, or data related to you.
* You cannot ever post or link to pornography, erotica, or material that is expressly made to make someone get hot and bothered.
* You cannot ever post or link to content that is racially, religiously, or politically derogatory.
* You cannot ever post or link to content that reveals the identity or personal information of a person that they didn't reveal personally.
* You must remember that while it is your choice to be nice or a dick it is your wording and content that people will judge.
* You must always take care not to post your personal data if you wish your content to be taken at face value.
* You must understand that anonymity is your strongest tool against vanity, ego, and that time you got drunk while on the internet.
* You must always keep in mind that the next generation is always watching you.
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