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# This line is a comment. A comment is used to
# document source code. This makes it easier to
# read for others, and yourself.
puts "The Wealthiest Merchant And His Daughter"
puts "========================================"
# Any part of a line after the pound sign is a comment, and not interpreted.
puts "The boy and his lucky dog traveled along the wasteland together." # Like this.
puts "They saw many things, but mostly trash and death." # These are comments
puts "The adventerous two wandered through abandoned cities and towns."
# puts "Avoiding raiders and wastelanders." # This is line is a comment.
puts "One time the two happened on a small town named ", '"Wall Mart Town"'
### You can put multiple pound signs, but it doesn't read anything after the
## first pound sign. ##
# You can even indent the comments!
puts '"Hey Lucky," ', "the boy says, ", '"Lets check this place out!"'
puts("The dog didn't think this was a good idea.")
puts("But he's a dog", " what does he know!")
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