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sh "mkdir " + project_name
case type
when :sinatra
sh "create " + project_name
sh "cd " + project_name
sh "git init"
sh "git remote add origin" + project_name + ".git"
sh "create"
sh "rvm --create --rvm 1.9.2@" + project_name
sh "tmuxinator open " + project_name
projmgr_entry = <<DOC
name: #{project_name.split('-').map(&:upcase).join(' ')}
path: ~/repo/rb/#{project_name}
type: git
sh "vim ~/.projmgr"
sh "cp ~/.Gemfile ./Gemfile && vim Gemfile"
sh "gem install bundle && bundle install"
sh "add ."
sh "update -m 'Initial commit'"
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