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Giordon Stark kratsg

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{"format": "graph-model", "generatedBy": "1.14.0", "convertedBy": "TensorFlow.js Converter v1.2.9", "modelTopology": {"node": [{"name": "GatherV2_3/indices", "op": "Const", "attr": {"value": {"tensor": {"dtype": "DT_INT32", "tensorShape": {"dim": [{"size": "1"}]}}}, "dtype": {"type": "DT_INT32"}}}, {"name": "Log", "op": "Const", "attr": {"value": {"tensor": {"dtype": "DT_FLOAT", "tensorShape": {"dim": [{"size": "1"}]}}}, "dtype": {"type": "DT_FLOAT"}}}, {"name": "strided_slice", "op": "Const", "attr": {"value": {"tensor": {"dtype": "DT_FLOAT", "tensorShape": {"dim": [{"size": "1"}]}}}, "dtype": {"type": "DT_FLOAT"}}}, {"name": "GatherV2_4/indices", "op": "Const", "attr": {"value": {"tensor": {"dtype": "DT_INT32", "tensorShape": {"dim": [{"size": "1"}]}}}, "dtype": {"type": "DT_INT32"}}}, {"name": "GatherV2_5/indices", "op": "Const", "attr": {"dtype": {"type": "DT_INT64"}, "value": {"tensor": {"dtype": "DT_INT64", "tensorShape": {"dim": [{"size": "1"}]}}}}}, {"name": "Log_1", "op": "Const", "attr": {"value": {
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCnfhqOUZP7rJDNDhe/Gmeh2PFAtSL0E4PsgAsSiyMjk8qJb+yIbEPvnfPo40XKul36eMD/UexF8PowKLsleXgdu5PbXVGXoPnbJf10QJ/yBbLgk0W/Ip+4xDnj9nF31Ll+3BKMXgjiK663SCqeaa4TsXPSg9BB60/yeX5Ahepft9PPACuwCSR1V/Iwihqvp3xpyB8fjFsz3H8fUeVAgzJrvNq6GZs3K2qdL4Bre5V7au1n62MWtVVEL4uxH+mKxoWVj14JDyy6QFmLax9/xz8R82+RK6kowbCnYWvxQn22qr0t26rlEIdKzVN6rE8nkqp5qxPOF3Nwk0s2fQ/Ji25R
View mysigfit_brZ_100_brH_0_brW_0_bre_33_brm_33_brt_34_mass_100.json
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
"channels": [
"name": "CRWZ_all_cuts",
"samples": [
"data": [
View BkgOnly.json
"channels": [
"name": "SR_meff",
"samples": [
"data": [
View analysis_yoda.json
"channels": [
{"name": "_d01-x01-y02", "samples": [
{"name": "sig", "data": [2.614045e+02, 1.776210e+02, 1.463418e+02, 1.954948e+02, 7.819792e+01, 4.133319e+01, 1.117113e+00], "modifiers": [{ "name": "mu", "data": null, "type": "normfactor" }]},
{"name": "bkg", "data": [7.44, 7.03, 6.73, 6.48, 6.18, 5.94, 5.83], "modifiers": [
{"data": [], "name": "staterror_d01", "type": "staterror" }
{"name": "_d02-x01-y02", "samples": [
{"name": "sig", "data": [6.367545e+01, 5.808989e+01, 4.245030e+01, 7.596370e+01, 2.792783e+01, 2.010804e+01], "modifiers": [{ "name": "mu", "data": null, "type": "normfactor" }]},
kratsg / demo_simple_cls.json
Last active Jul 18, 2019
Demo Simple CLs for DPF2019 (30/07/2019)
View demo_simple_cls.json
"channels": [{
"name": "singlechannel",
"samples": [{
"name": "sig",
"data": [12.0, 11.0],
"modifiers": [{ "name": "mu", "data": null, "type": "normfactor" }]
"name": "bkg",
View sbottom_1100_131_1.json
"channels": [
"name": "CRtt_cuts",
"samples": [
"modifiers": [
"type": "lumi",
"data": null,
View patch.sbottom_1000_131_1.json
"op": "remove",
"path": "/channels/1"
"op": "add",
"path": "/channels/0/samples/0",
"value": {
"data": [
from ironman.constructs.ipbus import IPBusConstruct
from ironman.hardware import HardwareManager, HardwareMap
from ironman.communicator import Jarvis
from ironman.packet import IPBusPacket
from twisted.internet.defer import Deferred
import mmap
hardware_map = '''
import mock
import sys
class MockConfigMgr(object):
def __setattr__(self, k, v):
return None
mocked_config = mock.MagicMock(return_value=False)
mocked_config.config = ['config/mbj_79800.json']
mocked_config.analysisName_base = ''
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