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Created November 13, 2016 19:52
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#creates planes at each joint under the variable "core" and constrains them to the joint
import maya.cmds as cmd
size = 30
length = 100
offset = 10;
core = "AnimData_Hips"
xhips = cmd.getAttr(core+".translateX", asString=False)
yhips = cmd.getAttr(core+".translateY", asString=False) + offset
zhips = cmd.getAttr(core".translateZ", asString=False)
cmd.move(xhips, yhips, zhips)
cmd.scale(size, length, length)
cmds.parentConstraint(core, names)
jointsAll = cmd.listRelatives(core, allDescendents=True)
for place in jointsAll:
coords = cmd.xform(place,q=True,ws=True,rp=True)
cmd.scale(size, length, length)
xhips = coords[0]
yhips = coords[1]
zhips = coords[2]
cmd.move(xhips, yhips, zhips)
cmd.parentConstraint(place, names+"_"+place)
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