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Created January 7, 2012 18:44
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Ruby: Minecraft process launcher
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Minecraft server launcher, by Benjamin Kreeger <>.
# Feel free to shamelessly steal this script. I don't care.
# I renamed mine to `mc_server` and did a `chmod +x` on it so I
# wouldn't have to type `ruby mc_server.rb` on it every time I
# wanted to launch my server in the background.
# Make sure this is in the same directory as your
# `minecraft_server.jar` file. I haven't tested it otherwise, and
# I'm sure it won't work.
# It expects you to have a Java runtime installed, and it expects
# your Minecraft server jar to be named `minecraft_server.jar`. If
# you've renamed it, feed `--jar new-jar-name.jar` to the script.
# For more help and options, run it with an `-h` or `--help` flag.
# Enjoy.
require 'logger'
require 'optparse'
PIDFILE = 'pidfile'
options = {} do |opts|
opts.banner = 'Minecraft server launcher. Usage: mc_server.rb [options]'
options[:stop] = false
opts.on('-s', '--stop', 'Stop any running server.') do
options[:stop] = true
options[:verbose] = false
opts.on('-v', '--[no-]verbose', 'Run verbosely.') do
options[:verbose] = true
options[:memory] = 1024
opts.on('-m', '--memory AMOUNT', 'Allocate AMOUNT to server memory.') do |amount|
options[:memory] = amount
options[:jar] = 'minecraft_server.jar'
opts.on('-j', '--jar /PATH/TO/MINECRAFT/JAR', 'Specify special path to server.') do |jar|
options[:jar] = jar
opts.on_tail('-h', '--help', 'Show this message') do
puts opts
log = STDOUT
log.level = options[:verbose] ? Logger::DEBUG : Logger::INFO
pid =, 'r') { |f| }
rescue Errno::ENOENT => e
log.warn e.message
log.warn "No pidfile found. Creating one."
pid = nil
file =, 'w+')
if options[:stop]
if pid.nil? or pid.empty?
log.error "No existing process found. Terminating."
pid = pid.to_i
Process.kill 'HUP', pid "Found existing process ID # #{pid}. Terminating."
rescue Errno::ESRCH => e
log.error "Found process ID # #{pid}, but it is not running. Terminating."
file.puts ''
segments = [
['nogui'].join(' '),
command = segments.join ' ' "Starting Minecraft server with #{options[:memory]}M memory."
pid = spawn command, :err => "/dev/null", :out => "/dev/null"
file.puts pid
Process.detach pid "Minecraft server started with process ID # #{pid}."
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