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Last active August 29, 2015 14:15
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Set-StartScreenOptions -EnableBootToDesktop -EnableDesktopBackgroundOnStart -EnableShowStartOnActiveScreen -EnableShowAppsViewOnStartScreen -EnableSearchEverywhereInAppsView -EnableListDesktopAppsFirst
Set-WindowsExplorerOptions -EnableShowHiddenFilesFoldersDrives -EnableShowFileExtensions -EnableShowFullPathInTitleBar
cinst chocolatey
cinst git
cinst flashplayerplugin
cinst google-chrome-x64
cinst firefox
cinst 7zip
cinst adobereader
cinst cccp
cinst vlc
cinst powershell
cinst skype
cinst dotnet4.5
cinst dotnet4.0
cinst dotnet3.5
cinst putty
cinst dropbox
cinst wget
cinst itunes
cinst sublimetext3
cinst sublimetext3.packagecontrol
cinst sublimetext3.powershellalias
cinst jre8
cinst jdk8
cinst silverlight
cinst vmwareplayer
cinst cdburnerxp
cinst virtualclonedrive
cinst classic-shell
cinst googledrive
cinst 1password
cinst steam
cinst origin
cinst transmission-qt
cinst imgburn
cinst android-sdk
cinst spybot
cinst eclipse
cinst androidstudio
cinst crashplan
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