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Created February 10, 2021 05:07
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God Block 1.21.22b⟶God Block 1.22.23



  • Food overlay now works for food in off hand (#65)
  • Clamp exhaustion to stop it from drawing outside the hunger bar in some situations (#66)


  • Fixes scorching heat accidentally deleting items in rare occasions
  • Fixes random flares spawning in unloaded chunks

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updated Polish lang

Current version: unspecified

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As always, don't forget to backup your world before updating!


  • Remove NBT from ItemStack hashCodes

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New Features:

  • Make season manager position sensitive for more complex climate models(such as TFC)

Bug Fixes:

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-Fix for "vanilla" style silverwood and greatwood trees appearing during world gen(this feature simply forces the TC regenTrees option to "off", sorry, no regen capabilities with Dynamic Trees)

-Adds for shaders so optifine can make the leaves wave

-Remove deprecated DT code

You need either the main file or a selection of the "split" jars, not both!

Changelog (this build) / Changelog (all builds)

Fixed config value being lazy-loaded, which runs into an error when joining a server

EnderCore 1.12.2-0.5.76

No changelog available.

  • Merge pull request #511 from UeberallGebannt/1.12 - Kristi?ns Mic?tis
  • Fix command rewards - UeberallGebannt
  • Added chat.replacetabnames config - LatvianModder
  • Fixed multiple "ghost chunkloading" bugs across the 1.12.2 codebase, particularly involving Biomes o' Plenty grass, but also vanilla farmland and modded fluids.
  • Minor code cleanup.

Fix missing library code.

Update readme to acknowledge alternatives - Marwane Kalam-Alami

Note that this jar needs Forge

  • Upgraded from ForgeGradle 2.3 to ForgeGradle 3.x
  • Updated Forge base and mappings

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  • Fixed repeating item { item { ... }} tags - LatvianModder

[BugFix] Fix an issue with symbol rendering (Thank to Floydman!)

[BugFix] Fix the Link book UI staying open when using an intra-linking book

THis is very likely to be the last build for 1.12. I've started rewriting Mystcraft for 1.15!

1.12 hotfix brought to you by Hubry

  • Backport: Subcategories are now listed on the right side when there are no pages in the current category
  • Backport: Fix >4 subcategories overlapping on the left side

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Normal and elytra movement speed limits can now be configured when Ice and Fire is installed.

Fixed parrot feeding.

(drcrazy) #releaseBuild

(drcrazy) Fix for recipe system. Closes TechReborn/TechReborn-Legacy-Issues#43

(drcrazy) Fix facing. Closes TechReborn/TechReborn-Legacy-Issues#40

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  • Updated Russian translation (Bytegm)
  • Fixed erroring controller tile entity (ian-rampage)
  • Fixed Inventory Tweaks sorting not respecting locked slots (Landmaster)

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Refined Storage 1.6.16 compatibility (raoulvdberge)

  • Add invertClick option to invert left and right click behavior (intended for special server circumstances)

(drcrazy) #releaseBuild

(drcrazy) We actually care abt NBT for cells

(drcrazy) Fusion reactor should respect maxOutput config value

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