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Created Oct 11, 2019
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Repro for spark csv escape issue
df = spark.createDataFrame([{'a':"at_the_end\\", "b":1},
{'a':"in_\\_side", "b":1},
{'a':"comma,at_the_end\\", "b":1},
{'a':"comma,in_\\_side", "b":1}
path = "/tmp/spark-quote9"
df.coalesce(1).write.mode("overwrite").csv(path, header=True, escape="\\", quote='"')
! hdfs dfs -text {path}/* > /tmp/csv
pd.read_csv("/tmp/csv", escapechar="\\")
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07ARB commented Oct 11, 2019

hi Tomasz Bartczak,
This is my first jira, which i am going to check. please guide me to check the issue.

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