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How to automate deployment on AWS S3 with bitbucket (or github) and wercker

This tutorial explains how to deploy automatically from bitbucket (or github) to AWS S3.

Create a bitbucket repository (public or private).

Add this repo on Wercker

  • Go to Create Application
  • Select use bitbucket (or github)
  • Choose your repo
  • For the next questions, choose the default answers

Add a file wercker.yml in your project

box: wercker/default

        - s3sync:
            key-id: $S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID
            key-secret: $S3_SECRET_KEY
            bucket-url: $S3_BUCKET_NAME

Get your AWS credentials

  • on AWS, go to Security Credentials
  • Go to Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key)
  • Create a new key and keep the Access key ID and the Secret Access Key in a safe place.

Setup Deployment on Wercker

  • on Wercker, go to the settings of your app
  • in Deploy targets, click on add deploy target and choose custom deploy
  • Target name can be production
  • Select Autodeploy
  • Branch name is master
  • Click on add new variable and create a new environement variable with the name S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID and your access key id as text
  • Create another new variable with the name S3_SECRET_KEY and your secret access key as text
  • Create another variable with the name S3_BUCKET_NAME and s3:// as text (change with the name of your bucket)

Push your files to bitbucket

Wercker should run the build (that does nothing so far) and deploy on s3.

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