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Created September 11, 2015 11:56
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Donut chart using python matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# The slices will be ordered and plotted counter-clockwise.
labels = 'Frogs', 'Hogs', 'Dogs', 'Logs'
sizes = [15, 30, 45, 10]
colors = ['yellowgreen', 'gold', 'lightskyblue', 'lightcoral']
explode = (0, 0, 0, 0) # explode a slice if required
plt.pie(sizes, explode=explode, labels=labels, colors=colors,
autopct='%1.1f%%', shadow=True)
#draw a circle at the center of pie to make it look like a donut
centre_circle = plt.Circle((0,0),0.75,color='black', fc='white',linewidth=1.25)
fig = plt.gcf()
# Set aspect ratio to be equal so that pie is drawn as a circle.
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