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#DevOps Tuesdays!


  • Sign up to pair with Krishnan (and others) to work on real-world DevOps tasks one day of the week every week, and get going with specific knowledge, skills, and practice!


  • Every Tuesday (or another day of the week in the event that holidays or vacation intervene). So there's always something happening every Tuesday, and some Tuesdays, you'll be knee-deep in it!


  • We’ll pick people at random and let you know beforehand. No pre-requisites whatsoever!
  • We hope your team will benefit from you participating, and let you have the occasional day off. Surely, something can be worked out around busy schedules. Speak to me.
  • For people at customer locations, the experience may not be effective. Let's give it a try.


  • DevOps is not just something that "someone else" does; its an approach to creating software to get stuff into production faster, and keep it up and running to meet the larger goals, and we suspect everyone will benefit!

Most of us might be approaching this from the “development” perspective and skillsets. We’ll add the “ops” perspective and help you reason about and make decisions concerning stuff like instances, storage, networking, security, and responding to non-functional requirements.

The tasks we work on will be immediate improvements (no “toy” projects) with accelerating releases, creating environments at will, improving visibility and feedback, and so on as themes.

Please feel free to send me feedback!

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