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Last active May 8, 2020
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20 points above the monkey
A Dearth of Crosswalks (via ahuster)
Angry Brain Explosion (via fudco)
Apparently Music? (via ahuster)
Bad Math
Banned Name (via ahuster)
Bdemonic Devices
Betrayed by the Bagel (via ahuster)
Better Off Bread
Big Tower of Mead (via ahuster)
Black IPs
Bog Buddies (via ahuster)
Captain Planetoid and the Plutocrats
Catatonic Catapillar
Clashofthetitles (via jillscript)
Comply with Me
Curated Moon Colony (via ahuster)
Dense Donut
Diabetics with Candy
Disregard previous band name
Drop All Tables
Electric Hazard (via ahuster)
Escalator to Hell
Extra Zuccini
Failure to Comply
Git-happy (via jillscript)
GitHubris (via jillscript)
Goldfinch Situation
Grandma on a Spaceship
Hell's Outhouse
Highway to Diabetes (via ahuster)
Hooligans with Diarrhea
Hot Rush (via ahuster)
Incontinant Gang
Inconvenient Subset (via ahuster)
Inflamatory Moths
Init_to_Winit (via jillscript)
Internet Green (via ahuster)
Iridium and the Platenoids
Junglegym of Death
Lactose Donuts (via ahuster)
Linguinicode (via jillscript)
Lots of Sleepless Nights
Maybe They're Canadian
Memories of Butter (via ahuster)
Midsection In The Shot (via ahuster)
Mnemonic Devices
Moderately Generous
Nasty Fat Bits
Null Pointer Sisters (via jillscript)
Obligation Tsunami (via ahuster)
One Single Drink (via ahuster)
One Weird Trick (via jlbang)
Orphan Ant
Palpable Awkwardness (via ahuster)
Paradoxical Extra Sharp
Parallel Arguments (via ahuster)
Patrick O'possomo
Pauses for Applauses
Perforated Heart
Perplexed By Excel (via ahuster)
Placate the Cucumber
Plain white socks
Plausible Clocks
Poly and the Peptides
Primal numb3rs
Quadraplegic Squid
Quinoa Salad (via ahuster)
Ranch Skeptic (via ahuster)
Raze the Bar
Reverse Enginerding (via jillscript)
Rocket Religion
Rotted 13s
Rspect (via jillscript)
Seven Pieces of Silver
Shot Down
Solem Guacamole
Spleen: Ruptured
Steel Cucumber
Stolen Sandwich (via ahuster)
Stylecleansheets (via jillscript)
Superclass (via jillscript)
T-bone tomato
Technical Underpants
Tempted by tangerine
The Baby Boom
The Eigenotes
The Immortal Coils
The Irrational Numbers
The Rational Numbers
The Swedish Experiment
The imperfect squares
The perfect squares
The real salsa
The science of bread
Theoretical Cookies (via ahuster)
Think Like Bacon
Too much hummus
Truckable Food (via ahuster)
Turbocharged Engine Hotshot (via ahuster)
Unnecessary Lemons (via ahuster)
Varczars (via jillscript)
Vi for Vendettas (via jillscript)
Windows And Happiness (via ahuster)
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