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@kriskowal kriskowal/promise-abort.js

Last active Feb 29, 2020
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var DIR = '/tmp/test',
FILE_PATTERN = /test/,
fs = require('q-io/fs');
.then(function (files) {
var matched = files.filter(function (item) {
return item.match(FILE_PATTERN);
if (matched.length !== 1) {
var error = new Error("Can't delete nonce because " + matched.length + " entries found instead of merely 1");
error.nonce = true;
throw error;
return fs.remove(fs.join(DIR, matched[0]));
}, function (cause) {
if (cause.code === "ENOENT") {
var error = new Error("Can't delete nonce because directory not found");
error.nonce = true;
} else {
throw cause;
.catch(error) {
if (error.nonce) {
// Handle above cases
// ....
} else {
throw error;

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shrikrishnaholla commented Apr 9, 2017

I was finding a way to abort a promise chain too and found this from StackOverflow. I had ended up with the same idea as well, but I'm using error.intentional as the boolean variable to check in the error handler. I wish there were a cleaner approach but oh well

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