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Hachyderm Comments November 2022

Message yo for everything TY for Thanks for the mastodon instance!

small contribution for helping buying some storage ?

Thanks for laying the ground (and infra !) work for the community to grow

Thank you for your contributions to Mastodon and the Hachyderm community. 💖


Thank you for providing this instance! Can you verify me please? I am a racoon. Thank you Thank you for being you and hosting hachyderm!! Thanks for! Thank you for creating and maintaining hachyderm! Thanks for hosting us! You are awesome and I know you don't believe it but you are. I love seeing you be you. Thank you for giving us this space! Thank you for Thanks for, a nice place where we can breath fresh air. Thanks for! Cheers for hachyderm. 🙏 Thank you for hosting, and admin hachyderm

Thank you, just a quick first 'Twitter sub' Thanks for hachyderm! Thank you for hachyderm! Thanks for spinning up the mastodon instance.

thanks for running hachyderm

Thank you! Thank you

Thank you!! Thank you Thanks for running!

Thanks for making a place for us all to land

Thanks for hosting! I'm so glad you're running a Mastodon server. I know I am going to learn a lot from this process. Thank you for all that you do! Cheers, Kris! Thanks for making a space for all of us! Thanks for setting up hachyderm and all the other great things you do for the community! Thanks for running hachyderm! Keep up the good work. You have more influence on the tech community than you realize. Thanks for admining the mastodon instance! for the best mastodon instance made by the best people :) thanks for the love and work you're putting into the mastodon server! Thanks for all of the effort you put in for hachyderm!


Appreciate the refuge!


❤️❤️❤️🫂🫂🫂 Hachyderm for life Thanks for starting hachyderm Thanks for hachyderm! thx for hachyderm! 11x verified Thank you for hachyderm. The world is better with you in it Thanks for spinning up Hachyderm! Thanks for Hachyderm ❤️

thx for hachyderm Great work with!

thank you for hachy, thank you for testing cutting edge methods for masto deployments, and thank you for all of it together. Thank you for! For hachyderm Keep up the good work! Thanks for hachyderm! Toot! Thanks for hosting hachyderm! Thanks for running Hachyderm! Thanks for giving us a home Thank you for running hachyderm! Keep Hachyderm going! keep up the great work! Let’s hope we can keep this going and make it a great place to be 😊 ❤️ Thanks for your hard work Thanks for operating Thank you!! Thank you for!

As an appreciation for all you do and as a token to cover my fair share of costs: one Twitter blue equivalent.

Thanks for hachyderm! Thank you for hachyderm! Thank you!

Thanks for making a space for us. Better to you than Elmo. Thank you for! Supporting Hachyderm Thank you for your work!

Thank you for maintaining hachyderm Thank you for Hachyderm, and for the clear boundaries + instructions! <3 for setting up hachyderm, writing Hacking Capitalism Thanks for hachyderm,io and for Hacking Capitalism. Thanks for the instance!

Thanks! You rock! <3 thanks for hachyderm! Thanks for hachyderm! Thanks for hachyderm! Thanks for being awesome!

Thanks for the Toots!

Nóva, thanks for rolling out Thanks for setting up I’ve not got an account there, but it feels like you lot are doing a great job suddenly scaling up a new instance. Hope this helps with the growing pains

Thanks for!

Thanks for running Thanks for running this thing.

Thanks for! Thank you so much! Hachyderm is pretty great, thanks ☺️ Thank you so much for running hachyderm! Thank you for doing the rails so I don't have to do the rails Thanks for creating such a cool place for us techies to gather! Thank you Kris Nova Thanks for running For hachyderm - thank you $6 for IPv6 :-) Thank you for! For!

thanks for the 🐘

Thank you for building this community!

Thanks for ….. ! Thank you for starting Hachyderm! Thanks for helping run hachyderm! #hachyderm Thanks for running Hachyderm. Thank you for hosting hachyderm! For disks and donuts! Thanks for running hachyderm! Understood that you make no guarantees. This is pure appreciation for

Doing my part to help the instance I use. Thank you, Kris. Thanks for running the instance, I promise not to take it too seriously, though I hope if we do lose our data it'll be a great story. Thanks for running hachyderm!

Thank you! For hachyderm, for Hacking Capitalism, for your talks, for coffee and for making me and many others reflect on themselves. Wishing you all the best. 13$; prime number & it's a baker's dozen Thank you for the hachyderm! Thanks for Hachyderm! For the Animaniacs!

Thanks for creating a safe space. Thanks for hachyderm! 👍 Thank you for Hachyderm!

Thank you for! Thank you for hosting hachyderm and please reach out if you need anything (marketing, graphics, writing, extrovert, etc)

Thanks for all you do for the community. Thank you for the space. I wish I could help with keeping it up. Thank you! Always happy to do quick reviews of new docs etc. I'm at a corporate megafirm, and I know that questions about liability, operating costs, licenses etc. come up all the time! @holoweiko

Thanks for hachyderm!


Thanks for Thanks for maintaining hachyderm, I've just migrated over and it seems like a great community Donation for, thanks for your best effort! Thanks Nova Thanks for hachyderm! Thanks for spawning! Thank You Very Much!

Thanks for hachyderm!

Thanks for Hachyderm. Thanks for running hachyderm! Projects like hachyderm deserve support Thanks for your work,

Thank you for setting up hachyderm - great refuge for the bird site addicts, and a nice non-toxic community Thanks for setting up and maintaining Hachyderm :) To help offset the costs of Hachyderm. Six months of Hachyderm+ please ;) is this how I get a blue checkmark? Thanks for your great work for the community Thank you for Hachyderm! Hi Kris. Wanted to drop you a donation toward costs of hosting the hachyderm mastodon instance. It’s massively appreciated and loved soaking up your enthusiasm in making this happen :-) thanks for doing this! Thank you for Hachyderm Here, have $9/mo because Hachyderm is worth way more than that dumpster fire some guy wants to charge $8/mo for. Seriously though – lmk if you need any help. I was all ready to set up my own server, but yours seems to be doing everything I would have tried to aim for. Goatfiesta says keep on hacking and tooting. thank you for hosting ! Can’t wait to read your book! I find your story and background very impressive. Bravo! and thank you for what you’re doing :) just wanted to say, thank you for providing a wonderful service and managing the influx so smoothly! I host my own individual server but I want to support the Admins for servers that I enjoy interacting with :-) enjoy your streams and keep up the great work! Thank you for! Thx Github newbie Thanks for all the work you do to provide us a space! Thank you for doign this

Thank you for handling the infra for Mastodon! Hachyderm @nbc You are clearly a lovely person and I appreciate your work.

Thanks for Hachyderm!! Thanks for running the Hachyderm server

Thank you for all you do with hachyderm! Thank you! Trying out

Thanks for hachyderm. Loving the community! is groovy :-) Thanks for hachyderm huzzah No guarantees necessary, just happy to do a little thing to pitch in. You rule and Hachyderm rules. Thanks! Here for Hachyderm. Understood best effort, but that effort is still very much appreciated. =) Here for Hachyderm. Hoping this helps in a small way as you manage the influx of folks looking for a new community. I know infra is not free. Do what you can for Hachyderm. In just a few days, I found way more interesting people/topics than on Twitter in months. Cheers

Thanks for all the work you are doing on Mastodon Thanks for Much love from Brazil :)

Thanks for providing the grazing grounds for the herd. We met briefly IRL at KubeCon (I think Corey Quinn introduced us in Barcelona 2019, I used to be an analyst for theCUBE, now at Red Hat) Have some cash ya' filthy animal. Thanks for doing the hard work <3 Thanks for hachyderm $8, power to the people! Thank you for everything you do! thanks! Thanks so much for all of your work on hachyderm! thanks for everything you do <3

Keep up the good work with! Thanks :)

Thanks for the service! Thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks for creating this place and keeping the wheels on the bus. Lovely place full of lovely folks! Thank you for running Hachyderm! thank you @nova! you are making a lot of people happy.

Love what you’re doing and the community we’re building. Keep it up!! Thanks for hosting all of us! Rock on!

Just joined Hachyderm. Thanks for all your hard work! Thank you for hachyderm <3 Hachyderm and all the team is doing. joining hachyderm (love the server name, btw), here's a nickel. Thank you for this great service Thank you for making sure the hachyderm peeps have a home 🥰

thanks for running hachyderm!

Thank you for all that you do!

Thanks for running Hachyderm!

Thanks for all your hard work @ hachyderm Thanks for setting this up. :) So happy to have found hachyderm! Thanks for everything you do to support and maintain this space!

thank you for all the work setting up hachyderm, and sharing your sandbox with the rest of us :-) thanks :-)

Thanks for running hachyderm! Thank you so much for your efforts in putting Hachyderm together. It's a wonderful community. Thanks for the great work on Hachyderm — tech and community-building both! thanks for Thanks ! Thanks so much for Hackderm! Thank you for running! Thanks for Hachyderm blue!!!! /s

Thank you for Hachyderm :) Thanks a ton. May the force be with you. ✌️ thanks for Hachyderm! Thank you! 🍻 thx Thanks to you and team for Hachyderm! Thank you for the service. Thank you for Hachyderm! Love your climbing posts, thanks for Thanks for building the hachyderm community! thanks for #Hachyderm 😁 Thanks for running hachyderm!

Hachyderm, ho!

Great job! Thanks for the hosting!!

Thanks for making hachyderm, I really appreciate it!

Many thanks for all your hard work on Hacyhderm Thank you for running hachyderm! 🐘 Thank you so much for running this server. Thank you for hachyderm }-[

Thank you so much for the awesome community at hachyderm! Thanks for everything you've done to set up Hachyderm and make it a welcoming and safe place. Here's my fee for verification. 😉 Thanks for putting together the community for us all. keep up the good work on hachyderm!

Thanks for letting me join your lovely Mastadon instance! For Hachyderm! just testing mastodon, but thanks for hosting Just arrived on hachyderm, seemed polite to chip in For hachyderm! Thank you for running hachyderm, Nova! Just a little help... sprinkle around as needed. Thank you for hachyderm. for Hachyderm, because I saw friends already there

For Hachyderm, thanks for doing this!

Thank you for running Hachyderm!

Thx for the lifeboat u rock

it's something Thanks for hosting!

Servers aren’t free ❤️ Thank you for hachyderm

Lowing Mastodon! thx4 Thanks for running Hachyderm! Thanks for running Hachyderm - and thanks for working on GitHub!! Thanks for hachyderm thanks for hachyderm! Thanks for getting us into the Fediverse! keep up the good work. thank you! Thanks for your work hosting Hachyderm! I'm looking forward to following the journey.

Thanks for what you're doing :) Here's coffee and/or server fees! Thanks for your hard work with Hachyderm :) Thank you for hachyderm! Have one on me! Loving the Hachyderm server so far. Thank you for your hard work with it. I wish I could donate more, but here's my little bit to help with costs. Thanks for supporting this instance! thank you. for everything. Thanks for running a Mastodon server! Love from Norway.

Bless you for running Hachyderm Hopefully this helps hachyderm

Thanks for creating a home for inclusive tech folx on Mastodon! Thanks for hachyderm!!! Thank you for running hachyderm - which we view as an important service especially now You've done a good thing with Hachyderm! Thank you ❤️

I'm very thankful for your work on hachyderm! Cheers 🍻 For hachyderm For hachyderm! Thank you for the hard work on this, I hope this helps keep it healthy. Thanks you for hachyderm! Because hosting isn't free, here's a grand skim double-whip latte. Let's keep a good thing going.... forever 😳 Thanks for setting this up Thank you and everyone involved for Hachyderm. Ecstatic to be here. And your twitch streams rule! 😁

Thanks for running hachyderm and cheers from the other side of the globe Thanks for making Hachyderm happen! Giving hachyderm a shot as first go in the fediverse.

Thank you! You can have the $8 a month I won't be giving Space Karen.

I appreciate the quality hosting!

Thanks so much for creating a nice space for us to thrive in.

Thank you and godspeed! 🛠️ Thanks for the Hachyderm! Thanks for all you do! Thanks for taking the time to run hopefully this helps defray any costs you may incur.

Keep the bits flowing. 🐘🐘

Keep those servers goin'! Thank you for!

Thanks for hachyderm ! <3 hachyderm Thank you for

Thank you for hachyderm! Thanks for all your work on

ty for running hachyderm! thanks for running Hachyderm!

thanks for making the fediverse a better place! Thank you for hosting a great Mastodon Server! Thank you for create and maintain Hachyderm! My best wishes for all the team! Money to Nova, not weird space car guy.

Thanks for hosting

Thanks for hosting

Thank you for running! For infrastructure and time

thank you

Thanks for running this awesome service and making it great! Thanks for running! New here, like what I see Thanks for everything you're doing with Hachyderm! y'all rock -- thanks for building such a useful/fun/thoughtful space... Thanks for what you're doing with Hachyderm! Thanks for all you do.

Thanks for doing this, Kris!

Really enjoy hachyderm, thanks for making it happen! Thank you for everything!

Hackyderm is appreciated. Use coffee at your own risk 😆! 😊🙌 Thx for!! Thanks for and everything else Love your work for!

#hachyderm Thanks for running hachyderm Thanks for #hachyderm! Hachyderm ❤️ #hachyderm transplant fleeing the Twit fascists. Thanks for offering some of us a cozy landing pad. Here's small token of appreciation. Thanks for the awesome! Thank you for Hachyderm! Here for the hachyderm. Thank! Thanks for Hachyderm ❤️ I understand that this is the going rate for social media 🙂

For Hachyderm (and like Hachyderm, no guarantees! Include this in ongoing MRR forecasts at your own risk :)

Thank you for creating a friendly place Thanks for Hachyderm Thanks for hachyderm! Here's my symbolic subscription fee --- no expectations, just gratitude for the initiative you've taken!

thanks for the new home Hachyderm is awesome! Thanks for your hard work! Thanks Nóva! Thank you for doing this.

Thanks for Hachyderm!

Keep up the good work Hey, thanks for setting up the Mastodon server! Thanks for the hardware, software and bandwidth.

Thank you Kris for hosting me on your server and letting such an awesome community bloom.

Hachyderm ;-)

Just joined, thanks for hosting! Thank you for hosting hachyderm!

Thanks for being an amazing server admin, but this is directly for you: get some takeout or do something relaxing & recover from the burnout Thank you!🐘👍🏿♥️

Thank you for hosting! We appreciate everything you've done for the community, you've brought everyone together and that has meant so much to us all. Thanks for Hachyderm! Thanks for hachyderm!

Thank you!


Thank you!

🐘💞 Thank you for all you do to make an inclusive and welcoming community. You are truly a great human. Thank you for your time and support of building and hosting a great and inclusive community hachyderm To keep the hachyderm servers hummin' along

Thank you for Hachyderm! Thank you for mastodon! Thank you so much! I really appreciate what you’ve done so far with Hachyderm. ❤️ thx 4 the hard work - stay safe!

This is for hachyderm. No expectations of uptime or data safety/retention, thanks for your best efforts. ♥ Thanks for!

thank you, may you find somebody to support you, (if you want) A social site that is worth 8$, thanks. thank you! Thanks for Hachyderm!

Thanks for setting up and maintaining hachyderm!

Thanks for running Thanks for hachyderm! Thank you for running hachyderm!

Hachyderm Thanks for being awesome (and running Thank you for Hachyderm You kick ass @nova

Hachyderm is awesome. Thank you.

Thanks for running Hachyderm! for her great work supporting toot! Thank you for Hachyderm! hoping this stays up - chose this place because of the 'about'. Thanks Kris for Hachyderm!

Thanks for building

Thanks Kris! Thanks for hachyderm. Enjoy your vacation and sorry for all the mentions today :-) Many thanks for Hachyderm.

New inhabitant. Thought I'd help keep the the lights on. Thanks! Thanks!

Thanks for all you do, Kris! Thank you so much! Thanks for and all the other cool stuff you do!

Thx Thank you for the immense work on Hachyderm!! Thank you for all that you do.

Thank you! Keep this train on the rails, Nova. I don't want to have to go back to Elmo

appreciation for hachyderm To help defray hachyderm server costs.

Thank you for the hard work on! It's not much but a small thank you for all your work with Thanks for hachyderm, esp in the past few weeks really glad I chose here as my instance. Very well run both technically and, as far as I can see, socially.

Thanks for the work your putting into an awesome community and sharing your work through the stream Thanks for running hachyderm. I appreciate the thought you're putting not just into infrastructure, but especially culture. Thanks for hachyderm!

Really enjoying hachyderm. Thanks for all your hard work.

Thank you for all your work on hachyderm! Small donation, hope to give more thank you

Hey Kris, thanks so much for the epic work you have done, and continue to do, for this community. You're an absolute champ Better than Twitter Blue! ;) Oh and your streams are pretty awesome too! Thanks for running Hachyderm Thank you for the work you do on Hachyderm! Thank you so much for everything you're doing with Just trying to help offset some costs!

<3 Hachyderm Thanks for working so hard to keep our little corner of the internet alive. Let me know how else I can help! is much better use of $8. Thanks for keeping the lights on 🙌🙌 Thanks so much. What a great community you're building and enabling. has brought me so much joy. Thank you for all your hard work on it

thanks for running hachyderm! Thanks for all the amazing work you do keeping Hachyderm alive! Thank you Kris! Thanks for keeping going! I know it's just a drop in the huge bucket of costs you must have. Thank you! Awesome work on hachyderm @nova and team. Hope it’ll keep going and growing. Hachyderm is awesome! Thanks for the work you've done.

Thanks for all your efforts! We’re still with you and cheering you on 💪 :elephant: :heart: :tada: Thanks for and for basically being awesome Hachyderm yaaaaaay. Thanks x Thanks for running Hachyderm Thanks for everything you're doing -- it's really appreciated

Coffee is great anytime! Thanks for keeping the lights on!

Thanks for doing what you do, it is appreciated 🙏 ❤️ Better to give you 8$ than someone else. Thank you for the work you do on maintaining this Mastodon instance. I joined because of the welcoming message. Thanks for making Hachyderm an incredible community! New to Mastodon, and while I don't have an account on your server, but I love interacting with members on, and enjoy following your own posts. Enjoy this tip in your tip jar to help keep your platform up and running.

Thanks for Thanks to all your hard work and amazing dedication to our community 😍 Several nights getting Hachyderm on its feet again probably needs a lot more coffee than this will get you, but it's small contribution


Thank you for your contributions to a better public space. FTW!

You're doing an incredible job and I hope this gets you a few more IOPS For all you do for Hachyderm

Loving what you're doing with #hachyderm! #hugops Thank you.

Keep up the good work that you do Thank you! Sending love Thanks!

#hugops Thanks for the insane effort you guys are making maintaining Hackyderm. Thank you for all that you and your Hachyderm team do. Please use this to support yourselves!

Thanks for all the hard work Hachyderm Resident Thanks for Hachyderm! I love it! 😊 Thank you for everything you do! #hugops Thanks for all the hard work with Hachyderm! I don't know how much your book was selling for but I think this should cover the free copy.

Thank you for hachyderm Hope this is enough to buy you and a friend a couple of your preferred beverages. Thanks for Hachyderm! Thanks for all your efforts, sorry we all arrived at once. Thank you for! Hi, I just wanted to say I really appreciate what you're doing with hachyderm and the care you're taking with data and users. It can't be easy to suddenly be responsible for tens of thousands of new users. Thank you <3 Wish I could donate more. Keep up the good work. No, GREAT work!

Thank you for hachyderm #hugops For the ongoing support of hachyderm and expression of continued #hugops :)

mastodons on caffeine Thanks for your dedication to hachyderm! Toot Toot #hugops

for books and hachyderms hachyderm (I don’t expect any guarantees)

Thanks for sharing the book! #hugops y'all thanks for sharing your book! #hugops

Thank you and your team for creating a great professional and social server in hachyderm. I just downloaded your book too. Thanks to you and your Hachyderm team! Appreciate the transparency as well on the twitch stream this week. Get yourself a fancy coffee :) Thanks so much! Thank you for the work on Mastadon! Thanks for keeping hachyderm running ;-)

Thanks for all the things you do! #hugops!

Thanks for the valuable insights in Hacking Capitalism, I’m taking today off to finish the book (because, fuck, it’s holidays, and my sev0 security bugs won‘t die if they wait a day — plus this entire “Agile” thing is a virtual reality to make you work more)—keep on leading! #hugops!

After the week you've all had, you deserve some coffee. Maybe with a touch of something. #HugOps Thank you for all your hard work @nova (and others)! I'm sure it's been a crazy few weeks and it's very much appreciated. Looking forward to this new community growing into itself.

Thanks for kicking ass! Great work with hachyderm! Thank you Nova and team! Great work! thanks for all of the effort getting hachyderm fast again!

Thank you for creating a wonderful space on hachyderm! keep up the great work!

Thanks so much for (and all you do!) Thanks for all the hard work! Hachyderm feels like home already, and I've only been here a couple of weeks. All your hard work is appreciated! thanks! Thanks @Nova and team for all the time you volunteer to keep Hachyderm up and running. That's incredible growth! I appreciate the climate and feel of Hachyderm

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