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Created March 2, 2022 15:08
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set load scan_rows 10000
drop table strava_activities;
drop table strava_applications;
drop table strava_bikes;
drop table strava_blocks;
drop table strava_clubs;
drop table strava_comments;
drop table strava_components;
drop table strava_connected_apps;
drop table strava_contacts;
drop table strava_email_preferences;
drop table strava_events;
drop table strava_favorites;
drop table strava_flags;
drop table strava_followers;
drop table strava_following;
drop table strava_general_preferences;
drop table strava_global_challenges;
drop table strava_goals;
drop table strava_group_challenges;
drop table strava_kudos;
drop table strava_local_legend_segments;
drop table strava_logins;
drop table strava_memberships;
drop table strava_metering;
drop table strava_mobile_device_identifiers;
drop table strava_monthly_recap_achievements;
drop table strava_orders;
drop table strava_partner_opt_outs;
drop table strava_photos;
drop table strava_posts;
drop table strava_privacy_zones;
drop table strava_profile;
drop table strava_routes;
drop table strava_segment_feedback;
drop table strava_segments;
drop table strava_shoes;
drop table strava_social_settings;
drop table strava_starred_routes;
drop table strava_starred_segments;
drop table strava_support_tickets;
drop table strava_visibility_settings;
load strava_activities activities.csv new
load strava_applications applications.csv new
load strava_bikes bikes.csv new
load strava_blocks blocks.csv new
load strava_clubs clubs.csv new
load strava_comments comments.csv new
load strava_components components.csv new
load strava_connected_apps connected_apps.csv new
load strava_contacts contacts.csv new
load strava_email_preferences email_preferences.csv new
load strava_events events.csv new
load strava_favorites favorites.csv new
load strava_flags flags.csv new
load strava_followers followers.csv new
load strava_following following.csv new
load strava_general_preferences general_preferences.csv new
load strava_global_challenges global_challenges.csv new
load strava_goals goals.csv new
load strava_group_challenges group_challenges.csv new
load strava_kudos kudos.csv new
load strava_local_legend_segments local_legend_segments.csv new
load strava_logins logins.csv new
load strava_memberships memberships.csv new
load strava_metering metering.csv new
load strava_mobile_device_identifiers mobile_device_identifiers.csv new
load strava_monthly_recap_achievements monthly_recap_achievements.csv new
load strava_orders orders.csv new
load strava_partner_opt_outs partner_opt_outs.csv new
load strava_photos photos.csv new
load strava_posts posts.csv new
load strava_privacy_zones privacy_zones.csv new
load strava_profile profile.csv new
load strava_routes routes.csv new
load strava_segment_feedback segment_feedback.csv new
load strava_segments segments.csv new
load strava_shoes shoes.csv new
load strava_social_settings social_settings.csv new
load strava_starred_routes starred_routes.csv new
load strava_starred_segments starred_segments.csv new
load strava_support_tickets support_tickets.csv new
load strava_visibility_settings visibility_settings.csv new
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