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# Print current instances for autonomous db
# Uses $OCI_TENANCY for compartment id since that is the "root"
cat > db.jq <<EOF
.data[] |
."db-name" ,
"\t" + .id ,
"\t" + ."db-name" + "_low" ,
"\n\tSDW: " + ."connection-urls"."sql-dev-web-url",
"\tAPEX: " + ."connection-urls"."apex-url",
"\n\toci db autonomous-database generate-wallet --autonomous-database-id " + .id + " --file --password <YOURPASSWORD>",
"\n\toci db autonomous-database generate-wallet--region --file --password <YOURPASSWORD>",
"\n\t sql -cloudconfig admin@" +."db-name" + "_low"
oci db autonomous-database list --compartment-id $OCI_TENANCY | jq -r -f db.jq
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