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use serde::de::DeserializeSeed;
use serde::de::Error;
use serde::de::SeqAccess;
use serde::de::Visitor;
use serde::Deserialize;
use serde::Deserializer;
use std::convert::From;
use std::fmt;
use std::fmt::Display;
use std::marker::PhantomData;
#[derive(Debug, Clone, Copy)]
enum MyRef<'a> {
String(&'a str),
Bytes(&'a [u8]),
impl<'a> Into<&'a str> for MyRef<'a> {
fn into(self) -> &'a str {
if let MyRef::String(s) = self {
struct Path<'a> {
path: &'a str,
impl<'a> Path<'a> {
fn new(path: &str) -> Path {
Path { path }
fn query(&self) -> &'a str {
#[derive(Debug, Clone)]
struct SomeTuple<'a>(&'a str, &'a [u8]);
fn main() {
let mut owned = String::new();
owned.push_str(" World");
let strref: &str = &owned;
View top_40_bundle_source_size_changes.r
#!/usr/bin/env Rscript = "My App"
# file you gave source-map-explorer
# source-map-explorer 1.0.1/bundle.js --tsv > bundle-1.0.1.tsv
# source-map-explorer 1.5.0/bundle.js --tsv > bundle-1.5.0.tsv
asset.file = "bundle.js"
before.version = "1.0.1"
before.file = "bundle-1.0.1.tsv"
before.description = "1.0.1 (Jun 01)"
View checknestederror.js
* Create error with caused by and formatted stack trace while preserving
* the laziness of the stack trace serialization.
function createErrorWithCausedBy(name, message, causedBy) {
const error = new Error(message); = name;
if (Error.captureStackTrace) {
// hides createErrorWithCausedBy from the stack
Error.captureStackTrace(error, createErrorWithCausedBy);
View output.log
❯ ./out/x64.optdebug/d8 --allow-natives-syntax teststack.js
DebugPrint: 0x2bf167d0b3f9: [JS_ERROR_TYPE]
- map: 0x2bf153b4a549 <Map(HOLEY_ELEMENTS)> [FastProperties]
- prototype: 0x2bf15ffc62e1 <Object map = 0x2bf153b40fe9>
- elements: 0x2bf156880c21 <FixedArray[0]> [HOLEY_ELEMENTS]
- properties: 0x2bf156880c21 <FixedArray[0]> {
#stack: 0x2bf1946002f9 <AccessorInfo> (const accessor descriptor)
0x2bf156884a71 <Symbol: (stack_trace_symbol)>: 0x2bf167d0b619 <FixedArray[1]> (const data field 0)
0x2bf153b4a549: [Map]
View tag.ts
// requires strict mode
// set false to minimize out runtime checks
const DEBUG = true;
export const enum TagTypes {
// C
/* adding this will cause Tag and unreachable to Error
View monomorphic_wrapper.js
// Monomorphic wrapper for polymorphic value
wrapper = {
// CheckMap wrapper for .type lookup monomorphic
if (wrapper.type === 1) {
// CheckMap value for .somefield lookup monomorphic because in branch for one type
View ustat_exact.js
// Copyright 2019 Kris Selden BSD 2-CLAUSE LICENSE
// math used is public domain just dont copy my code without giving credit.
// @ts-check
* @typedef {{get(U: number, n1: number, n2: number): number; set(U: number, n1: number, n2: number, count: number): void;}} ICache
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