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git-flow Snippets

Git-Flow Cheatsheet


Initialize a Repository for git-flow

git flow init -d

(Omit -d if you want to select values other than the defaults.)


Start a New Feature

This creates a new branch based on develop and switches to it:

git flow feature start FEATURENAME

Finish a Feature

This merges the feature into develop, removes the feature branch, and switches to develop:

git flow feature finish FEATURENAME

Publish a Feature

Push a feature branch to remote repository:

git flow feature publish FEATURENAME

Get a feature published by another user from remote repository:

git flow feature pull origin FEATURENAME


Start a Release

Create release branch from develop:

git flow release start RELEASENAME

Publish release branch:

git flow release publish RELEASENAME

Create a local tracking branch for a remote release:

git flow release track RELEASENAME

Finish a Release

Merge release branch into master, tag it, merge back into develop, and remove the release branch:

git flow release finish RELEASENAME
git push --tags


Start a Hotfix

Create hotfix branch from master:

git flow hotfix start VERSIONNAME

Create hotfix branch from some other commit:

git flow hotfix start VERSIONNAME BASENAME

Finish a Hotfix

Merge hotfix back into develop and master, and tag:

git flow hotfix finish VERSIONNAME
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