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Last active January 23, 2016 16:00
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GForth interface for the wiringPi library
\ GForth interface for the wiringPi library
\ On Raspbian requires "sudo apt-get install gforth libtool-bin"
\ and then follow instructions for installing wiringPi library at
\ <>
\ Must run gforth with root/sudo to use this library.
\ wiringPi modes
0 constant WPI_MODE_PINS
1 constant WPI_MODE_GPIO
2 constant WPI_MODE_GPIO_SYS
3 constant WPI_MODE_PHYS
4 constant WPI_MODE_PIFACE
\ Pin modes
0 constant INPUT
1 constant OUTPUT
2 constant PWM_OUTPUT
3 constant GPIO_CLOCK
4 constant SOFT_PWM_OUTPUT
6 constant PWM_TONE_OUTPUT
0 constant LOW
1 constant HIGH
\ Pull up/down/none
0 constant PUD_OFF
1 constant PUD_DOWN
2 constant PUD_UP
0 constant PWM_MODE_MS
1 constant PWM_MODE_BAL
\ Interrupt levels
0 constant INT_EDGE_SETUP
2 constant INT_EDGE_RISING
3 constant INT_EDGE_BOTH
\ Pi model types and version numbers
\ Intended for the GPIO program Use at your own risk.
0 constant PI_MODEL_A
1 constant PI_MODEL_B
2 constant PI_MODEL_AP
3 constant PI_MODEL_BP
4 constant PI_MODEL_2
5 constant PI_ALPHA
6 constant PI_MODEL_CM
7 constant PI_MODEL_07
8 constant PI_MODEL_08
9 constant PI_MODEL_ZERO
0 constant PI_VERSION_1
1 constant PI_VERSION_1_1
2 constant PI_VERSION_1_2
3 constant PI_VERSION_2
0 constant PI_MAKER_SONY
1 constant PI_MAKER_EGOMAN
2 constant PI_MAKER_MBEST
\ Functions
c-library wiringPi
s" wiringPi" add-lib
\c #include <wiringPi.h>
\ Core wiringPi functions
c-function wiringPiFindNode wiringPiFindNode n -- a
c-function wiringPiNewNode wiringPiNewNode n n -- a
c-function wiringPiSetup wiringPiSetup -- n
c-function wiringPiSetupSys wiringPiSetupSys -- n
c-function wiringPiSetupGpio wiringPiSetupGpio -- n
c-function wiringPiSetupPhys wiringPiSetupPhys -- n
c-function pinModeAlt pinModeAlt n n -- void
c-function pinMode pinMode n n -- void
c-function pullUpDnControl pullUpDnControl n n -- void
c-function digitalRead digitalRead n -- n
c-function digitalWrite digitalWrite n n -- void
c-function pwmWrite pwmWrite n n -- void
c-function analogRead analogRead n -- n
c-function analogWrite analogWrite n n -- void
\ On-Board Raspberry Pi hardware specific stuff
c-function piBoardRev piBoardRev -- n
c-function piBoardId piBoardId a a a a a -- void
c-function wpiPinToGpio wpiPinToGpio n -- n
c-function physPinToGpio physPinToGpio n -- n
c-function setPadDrive setPadDrive n n -- void
c-function getAlt getAlt n -- n
c-function pwmToneWrite pwmToneWrite n n -- void
c-function digitalWriteByte digitalWriteByte n -- void
c-function pwmSetMode pwmSetMode n -- void
c-function pwmSetRange pwmSetRange n -- void
c-function pwmSetClock pwmSetClock n -- void
c-function gpioClockSet gpioClockSet n n -- void
\ Interrupts
\ (Also Pi hardware specific)
c-function waitForInterrupt waitForInterrupt n n -- n
c-function wiringPiISR wiringPiISR n n func -- n
\ Threads
c-function piThreadCreate piThreadCreate func -- n
c-function piLock piLock n -- void
c-function piUnlock piUnlock n -- void
\ Scheduling priority
c-function piHiPri piHiPri n -- n
\ Extras from arduino land
c-function delay delay n -- void
c-function delayMicroseconds delayMicroseconds n -- void
c-function millis millis -- n
c-function micros micros -- n
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The C version of the blink program is available here:

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This code is now maintained in a GitHub repo:

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