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Add AMD/define() support to NodeJS
var currentModule, defaultCompile = module.constructor.prototype._compile;
module.constructor.prototype._compile = function(content, filename){
currentModule = this;
return, content, filename);
finally {
currentModule = null;
define = function (id, injects, factory) {
if (currentModule == null) {
throw new Error("define() may only be called during module factory instantiation");
var module = currentModule;
var req = function(relativeId){
if(relativeId.charAt(0) === '.'){
relativeId = id.substring(0, id.lastIndexOf('/') + 1) + relativeId;
while(lastId !== relativeId){
var lastId = relativeId;
relativeId = relativeId.replace(/\/[^\/]*\/\.\.\//,'/');
relativeId = relativeId.replace(/\/\.\//g,'/');
return require(relativeId);
if (!factory) {
// two or less arguments
factory = injects;
if (factory) {
// two args
if (typeof id === "string") {
if (id !== {
throw new Error("Can not assign module to a different id than the current file");
// default injects
injects = ["require", "exports", "module"];
// anonymous, deps included
injects = id;
else {
// only one arg, just the factory
factory = id;
injects = ["require", "exports", "module"];
id =;
if (typeof factory !== "function"){
// we can just provide a plain object
return module.exports = factory;
var returned = factory.apply(module.exports, (injection) {
switch (injection) {
// check for CommonJS injection variables
case "require": return req;
case "exports": return module.exports;
case "module": return module;
// a module dependency
return req(injection);
// since AMD encapsulates a function/callback, it can allow the factory to return the exports.
module.exports = returned;

fitzgen commented Apr 19, 2011


After running in to some problems with requirejs's node shim, I am looking in to using this shim instead. In my first tests, everything seems to be working out alright, and so I would like to inquire as to the licensing status of this piece of code. Can you add a license to the top of this file so that I can use it guilt free?

Thanks for taking the time to write this,


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