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Created July 27, 2019 14:11
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Toggles touchpad
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
'''Program to toggle Touchpad Enable to Disable or vice-versa.'''
import commands
import re
def current_id():
""" Search through the output of xinput and find the line that has the
word TouchPad. At that point, I believe we can find the ID of that device."""
props = commands.getoutput("xinput").split("\n")
match = [line for line in props if "TouchPad" in line]
assert len(match) == 1, "Problem finding Touchpad string! %s" % match
pat = re.match(r"(.*)id=(\d+)", match[0])
assert pat, "No matching ID found!"
return int(
# use hardcoded value instead
def current_status(tpad_id):
"""Find the current Device ID, it has to have the word TouchPad in the line."""
props = commands.getoutput("""xinput list-props %d""" % tpad_id).split('\n')
match = [line for line in props if "Device Enabled" in line]
assert len(match) == 1, "Can't find the status of device #%d" % tpad_id
pat = re.match(r"(.*):\s*(\d+)", match[0])
assert pat, "No matching status found!"
return int(
def flop(tpad_id, status):
"""Change the value of status, and call xinput to reverse that status."""
if status == 0:
status = 1
status = 0
print "Changing Device #%d Device Enabled %d" % (tpad_id, status)
commands.getoutput("""xinput set-prop %d "Device Enabled" %d""" % (tpad_id, status))
def main():
"""Get curent device id and status, and flop status value."""
tpad = current_id()
stat = current_status(tpad)
flop(tpad, stat)
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