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Last active Apr 5, 2020
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Authotkey script for remapping windows (super) key to Shift+Alt+Space and windows key + h to minimize the current window, windows + move.
; Remap windows key + h to minimize the current window
WinMinimize A
; Disable the keyboard layout switcher
Ctrl & Shift::
; Remap windows key to the launcher
<#LButton::return ; Do nothing if a left mouse button is clicked
LWin up::
If (A_PriorKey = "LWin") ; LWin was pressed alone
Send, !{space}
; In this case its necessary to define a custom combination by using "&" or "<#"
; to avoid that LWin loses its original function as a modifier key:
<#d:: Send #d ; <# means LWin
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