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private void ReadCustomMetadata(BitAccess bits) {
int savedPosition = bits.Position;
byte version;
bits.ReadUInt8(out version);
if (version != 4) {
throw new PdbDebugException("Unknown custom metadata item version: {0}", version);
byte kind;
bits.ReadUInt8(out kind);
uint numberOfBytesInItem;
bits.ReadUInt32(out numberOfBytesInItem);
switch (kind) {
case 0: this.ReadUsingInfo(bits); break;
case 1: this.ReadForwardInfo(bits); break;
case 2: break; // this.ReadForwardedToModuleInfo(bits); break;
case 3: this.ReadIteratorLocals(bits); break;
case 4: this.ReadForwardIterator(bits); break;
default: throw new PdbDebugException("Unknown custom metadata item kind: {0}", kind);
bits.Position = savedPosition+(int)numberOfBytesInItem;
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