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A JSON configuration file that can be used to spawn a webdriver node.
"browserName":"internet explorer",
"port": 5555,
"host": ip,
"register": true,
"hubPort" : 4444
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krmahadevan commented Jan 23, 2012

Save this file as a text file and then provide this file as an input when you are spawning a webdriver node, using the following command start java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.17.0.jar -role node"C:/Users/krmahadevan/selenium/chromedriver.exe" -hub http://localhost:4444/grid/register-port 5556 -nodeConfig webconfig.txt

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krbalaji77 commented Oct 10, 2012

Hi Krishnan,
what does the port in the configuration section specify. The way you have used it in the batch file example... the nodes have their own ports in 5556 and 5557 where does the 5555 port come in?

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rgustavsson commented Aug 30, 2016

The 5555 port represents the webdriver hub.

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