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Created October 9, 2012 05:14
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from __future__ import division
import os
import sys
import codecs
import textwrap
from StringIO import StringIO
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive, directives
from sphinx.directives.code import LiteralInclude
from sphinx.util.nodes import set_source_info
class CodeExample(Directive):
This is like literalinclude, but add the code and the result of
its invocation in a python prompt.
has_content = False
required_arguments = 1
optional_arguments = 0
final_argument_whitespace = False
option_spec = {
'linenos': directives.flag,
'tab-width': int,
'language': directives.unchanged_required,
'lines': directives.unchanged_required,
'start-after': directives.unchanged_required,
'end-before': directives.unchanged_required,
'prepend': directives.unchanged_required,
'append': directives.unchanged_required,
'emphasize-lines': directives.unchanged_required,
def generate_example(filename, env):
for path in env.config['code_add_python_path']:
prompt = ">>>"
oldstdout = sys.stdout
buffer = StringIO()
sys.stdout = buffer
global_env = {}
local_env = {}
with open(filename) as data:
for line in data:
code = line.strip('\n')
if code.startswith("from") or code.startswith("import"):
eval(compile(code, '', 'exec'), global_env, local_env)
elif code:
print prompt, code
# this is very hacky, we need to get assignments
# but not keyword arguments
if " = " in code:
# if an expression is an assignment we need to
# print the result the assignment. To do that
# we print the variable value. Hacky and ugly.
fcode = code
ccode = compile(fcode, filename, 'exec', division.compiler_flag)
eval(ccode, global_env, local_env)
var = code.split("=")[0]
print prompt, eval(var, global_env, local_env)
fcode = "print({0})".format(code)
ccode = compile(fcode, filename, 'exec', division.compiler_flag)
print ">>>",
eval(ccode, global_env, local_env)
sys.stdout = sys.__stdout__
return buffer.getvalue()
def run(self):
document = self.state.document
if not document.settings.file_insertion_enabled:
return [document.reporter.warning('File insertion disabled',
env = document.settings.env
full_filename = os.path.join(env.config.code_example_dir, self.arguments[0])
rel_filename, filename = env.relfn2path(full_filename)
if 'pyobject' in self.options and 'lines' in self.options:
return [document.reporter.warning(
'Cannot use both "pyobject" and "lines" options',
lines = self.generate_example(filename, env).split('\n')
linespec = self.options.get('lines')
if linespec is not None:
linelist = parselinenos(linespec, len(lines))
except ValueError, err:
return [document.reporter.warning(str(err), line=self.lineno)]
# just ignore nonexisting lines
nlines = len(lines)
lines = [lines[i] for i in linelist if i < nlines]
if not lines:
return [document.reporter.warning(
'Line spec %r: no lines pulled from include file %r' %
(linespec, filename), line=self.lineno)]
linespec = self.options.get('emphasize-lines')
if linespec:
hl_lines = [x+1 for x in parselinenos(linespec, len(lines))]
except ValueError, err:
return [document.reporter.warning(str(err), line=self.lineno)]
hl_lines = None
startafter = self.options.get('start-after')
endbefore = self.options.get('end-before')
prepend = self.options.get('prepend')
append = self.options.get('append')
if startafter is not None or endbefore is not None:
use = not startafter
res = []
for line in lines:
if not use and startafter and startafter in line:
use = True
elif use and endbefore and endbefore in line:
use = False
elif use:
lines = res
if prepend:
lines.insert(0, prepend + '\n')
if append:
lines.append(append + '\n')
wrap_value = env.config['code_example_wrap']
txt = []
if wrap_value:
for line in lines:
if len(line) >= 75:
r = textwrap.fill(line, subsequent_indent='>>> ', width=wrap_value)
r = line
lines = txt if txt else lines
text = '\n'.join(lines)
if self.options.get('tab-width'):
text = text.expandtabs(self.options['tab-width'])
retnode = nodes.literal_block(text, text, source=filename)
set_source_info(self, retnode)
if self.options.get('language', ''):
retnode['language'] = self.options['language']
if 'linenos' in self.options:
retnode['linenos'] = True
if hl_lines is not None:
retnode['highlight_args'] = {'hl_lines': hl_lines}
return [retnode]
def setup(app):
app.add_directive('code-example', CodeExample)
app.add_config_value('code_example_dir', 'code-example', False)
app.add_config_value('code_add_python_path', [], False)
app.add_config_value('code_example_wrap', False, False)
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