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Created June 26, 2013 11:37
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Mobi builder based on Sphinx's epub builder.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Build mobi files.
Originally derived from
:copyright: Copyright 2007-2011 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.
import os
import re
import shutil
import sys
import time
import codecs
import zipfile
import subprocess
from os import path
from docutils import nodes
from sphinx import addnodes
from import StandaloneHTMLBuilder
from sphinx.util.osutil import EEXIST, make_filename
from sphinx.util.smartypants import sphinx_smarty_pants as ssp
# (Fragment) templates from which the metainfo files content.opf, toc.ncx,
# mimetype, and META-INF/container.xml are created.
# This template section also defines strings that are embedded in the html
# output but that may be customized by (re-)setting module attributes,
# e.g. from
_mimetype_template = 'application/x-mobipocket-ebook' # no EOL!
_container_template = u'''\
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<container version="1.0"
<rootfile full-path="content.opf"
_toc_template = u'''\
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ncx version="2005-1" xmlns="">
<meta name="dtb:uid" content="%(uid)s"/>
<meta name="dtb:depth" content="%(level)d"/>
<meta name="dtb:totalPageCount" content="0"/>
<meta name="dtb:maxPageNumber" content="0"/>
_navpoint_template = u'''\
%(indent)s <navPoint id="%(navpoint)s" playOrder="%(playorder)d">
%(indent)s <navLabel>
%(indent)s <text>%(text)s</text>
%(indent)s </navLabel>
%(indent)s <content src="%(refuri)s" />
%(indent)s </navPoint>'''
_navpoint_indent = ' '
_navPoint_template = 'navPoint%d'
_content_template = u'''\
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<package xmlns="" version="2.0"
<metadata xmlns:opf=""
<dc:creator opf:role="aut">%(author)s</dc:creator>
<dc:identifier id="%(uid)s" opf:scheme="%(scheme)s">%(id)s</dc:identifier>
<item id="ncx" href="toc.ncx" media-type="application/x-dtbncx+xml" />
<spine toc="ncx">
<reference Type="toc" title="Table of Contents" href="index.html" />
_cover_template = u'''\
<meta name="cover" content="%(cover)s"/>
_file_template = u'''\
<item id="%(id)s"
media-type="%(media_type)s" />'''
_spine_template = u'''\
<itemref idref="%(idref)s" />'''
_toctree_template = u'toctree-l%d'
_link_target_template = u' [%(uri)s]'
_css_link_target_class = u'link-target'
_media_types = {
'.html': 'application/xhtml+xml',
'.css': 'text/css',
'.png': 'image/png',
'.gif': 'image/gif',
'.svg': 'image/svg+xml',
'.jpg': 'image/jpeg',
'.jpeg': 'image/jpeg',
'.otf': 'application/x-font-otf',
'.ttf': 'application/x-font-ttf',
# Regular expression to match colons only in local fragment identifiers.
# If the URI contains a colon before the #,
# it is an external link that should not change.
_refuri_re = re.compile("([^#:]*#)(.*)")
def clean_html_file_for_kindle(filename):
def replace_tag(tag_old, tag_new, txt):
txt = txt.replace("<" + tag_old, "<" + tag_new)
return txt.replace("</{0}>".format(tag_old), "</{0}>".format(tag_new))
bakname = filename + ".bak"
shutil.move(filename, bakname)
destination = open(filename, 'w')
original = open(bakname, 'r')
for txt in original:
txt = replace_tag("span", "samp", txt)
#txt = replace_tag("pre", "code", txt)
# The mobi publisher
class MobiBuilder(StandaloneHTMLBuilder):
Builder that outputs mobi files.
It creates the metainfo files container.opf, toc.ncx, mimetype, and
META-INF/container.xml. Afterwards, all necessary files are zipped to an
mobi file.
name = 'mobi'
# don't copy the reST source
copysource = False
supported_image_types = ['image/svg+xml', 'image/png', 'image/gif',
# don't add links
add_permalinks = False
# don't add sidebar etc.
embedded = True
def init(self):
# the output files for mobi must be .html only
self.out_suffix = '.html'
self.playorder = 0
def get_theme_config(self):
return self.config.mobi_theme, {}
# generic support functions
def make_id(self, name):
"""Replace all characters not allowed for (X)HTML ids."""
return name.replace('/', '_').replace(' ', '')
def esc(self, name):
"""Replace all characters not allowed in text an attribute values."""
# Like cgi.escape, but also replace apostrophe
name = name.replace('&', '&amp;')
name = name.replace('<', '&lt;')
name = name.replace('>', '&gt;')
name = name.replace('"', '&quot;')
name = name.replace('\'', '&#39;')
return name
def get_refnodes(self, doctree, result):
"""Collect section titles, their depth in the toc and the refuri."""
# XXX: is there a better way than checking the attribute
# toctree-l[1-8] on the parent node?
if isinstance(doctree, nodes.reference) and doctree.has_key('refuri'):
refuri = doctree['refuri']
if refuri.startswith('http://') or refuri.startswith('https://') \
or refuri.startswith('irc:') or refuri.startswith('mailto:'):
return result
classes = doctree.parent.attributes['classes']
for level in range(8, 0, -1): # or range(1, 8)?
if (_toctree_template % level) in classes:
'level': level,
'refuri': self.esc(refuri),
'text': ssp(self.esc(doctree.astext()))
for elem in doctree.children:
result = self.get_refnodes(elem, result)
return result
def get_toc(self):
"""Get the total table of contents, containg the master_doc
and pre and post files not managed by sphinx.
doctree = self.env.get_and_resolve_doctree(self.config.master_doc,
self, prune_toctrees=False)
self.refnodes = self.get_refnodes(doctree, [])
master_dir = os.path.dirname(self.config.master_doc)
if master_dir:
master_dir += '/' # XXX or os.sep?
for item in self.refnodes:
item['refuri'] = master_dir + item['refuri']
self.refnodes.insert(0, {
'level': 1,
'refuri': self.esc(self.config.master_doc + '.html'),
'text': ssp(self.esc(
for file, text in reversed(self.config.mobi_pre_files):
self.refnodes.insert(0, {
'level': 1,
'refuri': self.esc(file),
'text': ssp(self.esc(text))
for file, text in self.config.mobi_post_files:
'level': 1,
'refuri': self.esc(file),
'text': ssp(self.esc(text))
def fix_fragment(self, prefix, fragment):
"""Return a href/id attribute with colons replaced by hyphens."""
return prefix + fragment.replace(':', '-')
def fix_ids(self, tree):
"""Replace colons with hyphens in href and id attributes.
Some readers crash because they interpret the part as a
transport protocol specification.
for node in tree.traverse(nodes.reference):
if 'refuri' in node:
m = _refuri_re.match(node['refuri'])
if m:
node['refuri'] = self.fix_fragment(,
if 'refid' in node:
node['refid'] = self.fix_fragment('', node['refid'])
for node in tree.traverse(addnodes.desc_signature):
ids = node.attributes['ids']
newids = []
for id in ids:
newids.append(self.fix_fragment('', id))
node.attributes['ids'] = newids
def add_visible_links(self, tree):
"""Append visible link targets after external links."""
for node in tree.traverse(nodes.reference):
uri = node.get('refuri', '')
if (uri.startswith('http:') or uri.startswith('https:') or
uri.startswith('ftp:')) and uri not in node.astext():
uri = _link_target_template % {'uri': uri}
if uri:
idx = node.parent.index(node) + 1
link = nodes.inline(uri, uri)
node.parent.insert(idx, link)
def write_doc(self, docname, doctree):
"""Write one document file.
This method is overwritten in order to fix fragment identifiers
and to add visible external links.
if self.config.mobi_add_visible_links:
return StandaloneHTMLBuilder.write_doc(self, docname, doctree)
def fix_genindex(self, tree):
"""Fix href attributes for genindex pages."""
# XXX: modifies tree inline
# Logic modeled from themes/basic/genindex.html
for key, columns in tree:
for entryname, (links, subitems) in columns:
for (i, (ismain, link)) in enumerate(links):
m = _refuri_re.match(link)
if m:
links[i] = (ismain,
for subentryname, subentrylinks in subitems:
for (i, (ismain, link)) in enumerate(subentrylinks):
m = _refuri_re.match(link)
if m:
subentrylinks[i] = (ismain,
def handle_page(self, pagename, addctx, templatename='page.html',
outfilename=None, event_arg=None):
"""Create a rendered page.
This method is overwritten for genindex pages in order to fix href link
if pagename.startswith('genindex'):
StandaloneHTMLBuilder.handle_page(self, pagename, addctx, templatename,
outfilename, event_arg)
# Finish by building the mobi file
def handle_finish(self):
"""Create the metainfo files and finally the mobi."""
self.build_mimetype(self.outdir, 'mimetype')
self.build_container(self.outdir, 'META-INF/container.xml')
self.build_content(self.outdir, 'content.opf')
self.build_toc(self.outdir, 'toc.ncx')
# we build an epub for now
mobi_name = self.config.mobi_basename + '.mobi'
fullname = os.path.join(self.outdir, "content.opf")["kindlegen", "-c1", fullname, "-o", mobi_name])
def build_mimetype(self, outdir, outname):
"""Write the metainfo file mimetype."""'writing %s file...' % outname)
f =, outname), 'w', 'utf-8')
def build_container(self, outdir, outname):
"""Write the metainfo file META-INF/cointainer.xml."""'writing %s file...' % outname)
fn = path.join(outdir, outname)
except OSError, err:
if err.errno != EEXIST:
f =, outname), 'w', 'utf-8')
def content_metadata(self, files, spine):
"""Create a dictionary with all metadata for the content.opf
file properly escaped.
metadata = {}
metadata['title'] = self.esc(self.config.mobi_title)
metadata['author'] = self.esc(self.config.mobi_author)
metadata['uid'] = self.esc(self.config.mobi_uid)
metadata['lang'] = self.esc(self.config.mobi_language)
metadata['publisher'] = self.esc(self.config.mobi_publisher)
metadata['copyright'] = self.esc(self.config.mobi_copyright)
metadata['scheme'] = self.esc(self.config.mobi_scheme)
metadata['id'] = self.esc(self.config.mobi_identifier)
metadata['date'] = self.esc(time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))
metadata['files'] = files
metadata['spine'] = spine
return metadata
def build_content(self, outdir, outname):
"""Write the metainfo file content.opf It contains bibliographic data,
a file list and the spine (the reading order).
"""'writing %s file...' % outname)
# files
if not outdir.endswith(os.sep):
outdir += os.sep
olen = len(outdir)
projectfiles = []
self.files = []
self.ignored_files = ['.buildinfo',
'mimetype', 'content.opf', 'toc.ncx', 'META-INF/container.xml',
self.config.mobi_basename + '.mobi'] + \
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(outdir):
for fn in files:
filename = path.join(root, fn)[olen:]
if filename in self.ignored_files:
ext = path.splitext(filename)[-1]
if ext not in _media_types:
self.warn('unknown mimetype for %s, ignoring' % filename)
projectfiles.append(_file_template % {
'href': self.esc(filename),
'id': self.esc(self.make_id(filename)),
'media_type': self.esc(_media_types[ext])
# spine
spine = []
for item in self.refnodes:
if '#' in item['refuri']:
if item['refuri'] in self.ignored_files:
spine.append(_spine_template % {
'idref': self.esc(self.make_id(item['refuri']))
for info in self.domain_indices:
spine.append(_spine_template % {
'idref': self.esc(self.make_id(info[0] + self.out_suffix))
if self.config.html_use_index:
spine.append(_spine_template % {
'idref': self.esc(self.make_id('genindex' + self.out_suffix))
# add the optional cover
content_tmpl = _content_template
if self.config.mobi_cover:
image = self.config.mobi_cover
mpos = content_tmpl.rfind('</metadata>')
cpos = content_tmpl.rfind('\n', 0 , mpos) + 1
content_tmpl = content_tmpl[:cpos] + \
_cover_template % {'cover': self.esc(self.make_id(image))} + \
projectfiles = '\n'.join(projectfiles)
spine = '\n'.join(spine)
# write the project file
f =, outname), 'w', 'utf-8')
f.write(content_tmpl % \
self.content_metadata(projectfiles, spine))
def new_navpoint(self, node, level, incr=True):
"""Create a new entry in the toc from the node at given level."""
# XXX Modifies the node
if incr:
self.playorder += 1
node['indent'] = _navpoint_indent * level
node['navpoint'] = self.esc(_navPoint_template % self.playorder)
node['playorder'] = self.playorder
return _navpoint_template % node
def insert_subnav(self, node, subnav):
"""Insert nested navpoints for given node.
The node and subnav are already rendered to text.
nlist = node.rsplit('\n', 1)
nlist.insert(-1, subnav)
return '\n'.join(nlist)
def build_navpoints(self, nodes):
"""Create the toc navigation structure.
Subelements of a node are nested inside the navpoint. For nested nodes
the parent node is reinserted in the subnav.
navstack = []
navlist = []
level = 1
lastnode = None
for node in nodes:
if not node['text']:
file = node['refuri'].split('#')[0]
if file in self.ignored_files:
if node['level'] > self.config.mobi_tocdepth:
if node['level'] == level:
navlist.append(self.new_navpoint(node, level))
elif node['level'] == level + 1:
navlist = []
level += 1
if lastnode and self.config.mobi_tocdup:
# Insert starting point in subtoc with same playOrder
navlist.append(self.new_navpoint(lastnode, level, False))
navlist.append(self.new_navpoint(node, level))
while node['level'] < level:
subnav = '\n'.join(navlist)
navlist = navstack.pop()
navlist[-1] = self.insert_subnav(navlist[-1], subnav)
level -= 1
navlist.append(self.new_navpoint(node, level))
lastnode = node
while level != 1:
subnav = '\n'.join(navlist)
navlist = navstack.pop()
navlist[-1] = self.insert_subnav(navlist[-1], subnav)
level -= 1
return '\n'.join(navlist)
def toc_metadata(self, level, navpoints):
"""Create a dictionary with all metadata for the toc.ncx file
properly escaped.
metadata = {}
metadata['uid'] = self.config.mobi_uid
metadata['title'] = self.config.mobi_title
metadata['level'] = level
metadata['navpoints'] = navpoints
return metadata
def build_toc(self, outdir, outname):
"""Write the metainfo file toc.ncx."""'writing %s file...' % outname)
navpoints = self.build_navpoints(self.refnodes)
level = max(item['level'] for item in self.refnodes)
level = min(level, self.config.mobi_tocdepth)
f =, outname), 'w', 'utf-8')
f.write(_toc_template % self.toc_metadata(level, navpoints))
def cleanup_files(self):
"""Write the mobi file using kindlegen."""'cleaning html files...')
for item in self.files:
if item.endswith("html"):
clean_html_file_for_kindle(os.path.join(self.outdir, item))
def setup(app):
app.add_config_value('mobi_basename',lambda self: make_filename(self.project), None)
app.add_config_value('mobi_theme','mobi', 'html')
app.add_config_value('mobi_title',lambda self: self.html_title, 'html')
app.add_config_value('mobi_author','unknown', 'html')
app.add_config_value('mobi_language',lambda self: self.language or 'en', 'html')
app.add_config_value('mobi_publisher','unknown', 'html')
app.add_config_value('mobi_copyright',lambda self: self.copyright, 'html')
app.add_config_value('mobi_identifier','unknown', 'html')
app.add_config_value('mobi_scheme','unknown', 'html')
app.add_config_value('mobi_uid','unknown', 'env')
app.add_config_value('mobi_cover',(), 'env')
app.add_config_value('mobi_pre_files',[], 'env')
app.add_config_value('mobi_post_files',[], 'env')
app.add_config_value('mobi_exclude_files',[], 'env')
app.add_config_value('mobi_tocdepth',3, 'env')
app.add_config_value('mobi_tocdup',True, 'env')
app.add_config_value('mobi_add_visible_links',True, 'env')
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